WWE News: Former Champion Slams Vince McMahon And Declares War Against WWE

As more and more inductees for this year’s WWE Hall of Fame are announced, the member of one iconic wrestling family sees his anger continue to grow. There are many famous names who have helped build WWF/WWE and professional wrestling as a whole, and the Rougeau family is right up there with the best of them. Well, former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion Jacques Rougeau aka The Mountie is waging war against Vince McMahon and his company.

For more than two decades, Jacques Rougeau stepped into the wrestling ring for Stampede Wrestling, the WWF/WWE, and WCW. To see the history of his family, one would have to go back much further as Jacques Rougeau Sr. began wrestling in the ’50s while another member of the family started in the ’40s.

Generation after generation has stepped into the ring, and that is why The Mountie believes his family deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. As it has not happened yet, and with his father wanting to see the entire family inducted, Jacques Rougeau found it necessary to take action.

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Rougeau took to his official Facebook page, by way of Comicbook.com, and let the world know that he is not happy. He also wanted everyone to know that he plans on going to “war” against both WWE and Vince McMahon until the family receives the respect they deserve.


Why is the Rougeau name not in the Hall Of Fame?

My father who will turn 87 in June should see his name inducted. My great uncle Eddy Auger, my late uncle Johnny, my brother Raymond all won championships in their career, as well as Armand. And let’s not forget all the championships that I won, including the Intercontinental Championship and 4 times world tag team champion in the WWF.

My sons Emile and Cedric are now 4th generation active wrestler, a feat unseen in any sports. After sending many messages to the WWE’s head honcho Vince McMahon to talk about the little time my father has left on this earth and never hearing back from him, I’m going to war against him and his entire Universe that we, our family, help him build.

WWE will never wipe the name Rougeau from the hearts of Quebecers everywhere, we have done so much together…”

Jacques Rougeau Sr. will turn 87 in June, and his son wants his father to be able to see the family inducted before he is gone. As for The Mountie’s sons being fourth generation wrestlers, one of them has also had his chance with Vince McMahon’s company.

Last year, Wrestling Inc. reported that 23-year-old Cedric Rougeau was getting a tryout with WWE in September. Obviously, the kid has the look and size needed to be in WWE, but it doesn’t seem as if anything worked out as he is still not in the company.

The 2017 class for the WWE Hall of Fame is filling up quickly with the ceremony just around a month away. Here are the names of the inductees for this year’s Hall of Fame class, so far.

  • Kurt Angle
  • Teddy Long
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Express
  • Diamond Dallas Page
  • Beth Phoenix

There is no doubt that the Rougeau family deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and The Mountie alone really deserves a spot. He won the Intercontinental Title once, the WWF Tag Team Titles on three occasions, and had memorable feuds with legends such as Brutus Beefcake, Greg Valentine, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and the Big Boss Man.

Looking back in history, the rest of the family was just as successful, and they have helped build a business which is bigger than ever.

The Mountie will always be one of the most memorable gimmicks in all of wrestling due to his loud nature, great wrestling, and his cattle prod/shock stick. The Rougeau family really is one of the most famous names in all of wrestling history, and Jacques has a point that some of them need to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. The only problem is that waging war against Vince McMahon is probably not the best way to go about having it done.

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