Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy Details Revealed As Baby Daddy Identity Still Unknown

Kailyn Lowry is expecting her third child. This was shocking news for her Teen Mom 2 fans to hear, even more so for her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. Rumors began swirling several weeks ago that Lowry was possibly pregnant again but she played it off as untrue and everything died down for a bit. Then, someone close to her reportedly leaked the story to the tabloids. There is some uncertainty about how things went down because Lowry first blamed Jenelle Evans for telling the world but then backtracked and blamed Marroquin for the leak.

While who leaked the pregnancy is probably a big deal for Kailyn Lowry, fans are more focused on the details of it all. She has decided not to confirm who her newest baby daddy is at this point. There have been several sleuths digging through clues, and of course, the possibilities have been talked about in the press.

According to Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy is someone she dated briefly. Teen Mom 2 fans believe the mystery man is the person who was in the house when Javi Marroquin showed up to drop off Lincoln during a recent episode. His face was blurred, out but he was wearing dreads and appeared comfortable in his surroundings. Could the blurred out face be to protect his identity as Lowry knew the pregnancy would eventually be addressed?

There has not been a lot said by Kailyn Lowry regarding her pregnancy. She appeared on the Teen Mom 2 Live show last night via Skype and talked a little bit about her situation. Lowry was upset that her pregnancy was leaked before she was ready to tell people. At first, she blamed Jenelle Evans for telling everyone after she had been told the news by the Teen Mom 2 crew, but after the chat ended, she tweeted an apology to Jenelle and blamed Javi Marroquin for the leak. Lowry explained that she did tell Jo Rivera about the pregnancy but opted not to tell Marroquin. However, she didn’t go into detail about why. Finally, the biggest reveal came when she confirmed she was 17 weeks into the pregnancy. This would put her due date mid-July.

Fans have been wondering just how happy Kailyn Lowry really is about this pregnancy. She has stated she is happy about it and that it was something she wanted, but she doesn’t seem to be really excited. When she appeared on Teen Mom 2 Live last night, Lowry just wasn’t interested in talking and answering Nessa’s questions at all. It is unclear if the change in attitude is because her private life was leaked to the press and now she has to learn how to handle it or if she just really has that attitude now. Either way, fans aren’t sure what to think about all of this, especially the secrecy.

As of now, Kailyn Lowry isn’t sure how involved this baby daddy will be in her child’s life. While she may be trying to make things appear okay, things aren’t going according to plan. Lowry has caught a lot of harsh criticism for this latest pregnancy. Just one year ago, she had a lot of work done by plastic surgeon Dr. Miami. On top of that, she is now having her third child with another new guy. All of her children will have different fathers, which is becoming a huge insult used to hurt Lowry. Despite all of the hatred and harsh words she is receiving about her pregnancy, Kailyn Lowry is reportedly excited about the new adventure of welcoming her third child into the world and raising him or her.

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