‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Fights, Jason Scrambles, And Carly’s Furious

Things are really heating up in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty more chaos on the way. Sam is missing, and she has started having contractions. Meanwhile, Carly learned about Sonny’s supposed affair just as Nelle started to back away from her devious plans. Olivia has scored a win in buying GH over the Quartermaines, and Finn is in a tough spot due to his Zen Zen addiction. Where are things headed during Tuesday’s show and the rest of the week?

The last that viewers saw of Sam, she was down in the ravine where she ended up after her confrontation with Olivia, and she was having contractions. Jason was desperate to find her, and he was calling for her from the road, but Sam was too weak to answer. GH spoilers reveal that this situation will continue into Tuesday’s show, but it sounds as if Jason may leave without realizing that Sam is right below him.

How serious will this situation get? The General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central do not disclose anything specific about Sam regarding the rest of the week. However, they do detail that soon Jason will be going back on his word to someone, and he will have a fierce confrontation with Franco over something.

Will Jason manage to save Sam before anything catastrophic happens to the baby? [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images}

In addition, Elizabeth ends up heartbroken over something a couple of episodes from now, and next week, Sam and Jason will be preparing for news. Of course, Sam will be reunited with her loved ones at some point soon, and it sounds as if the baby will be okay as well, as teasers note that Sam’s delivery will be a big event when it happens soon.

As for Carly, Sonny, and Nelle, Carly learned from Bobbie about Sonny’s supposed fling with the young girl, and as Monday’s show ended, she was looking at the USB stick that had the supposed evidence. GH spoilers detail that she will be livid when she starts piecing things together just as her supposed friend is trying to backtrack on her devious plans.

When will everybody finally learn exactly who Nelle Hayes is and why she’s been so determined to take down Carly? There are plenty of theories floating around, with many trying to figure out a way that the girl could be related either to Jax or Carly, but nobody knows for certain quite yet what the truth will be. However, this storyline is building rapidly, and answers should be revealed soon. GH spoilers share that Bobbie will offer up some advice to Hayes, teases SheKnows Soaps, while Michael opens up to Sonny, and the woman in the middle of all of the drama considers what to do next.

Finn will face tough decisions. Will he smooth things over with Hayden? [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

Tuesday’s episode also brings more action with Finn. He’ll be at GH with Monica and Hayden as they wait to see if their efforts to save the facility have worked, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’ll be making a significant sacrifice of some sort. Will he end up selling the patent for the drug to go in on the bid to save General Hospital in a last ditch effort to sway the board’s decision? The board had just decided to go with the developer’s offer, which ultimately means success for Olivia, but soon Olivia will find out that she’s facing yet another obstacle to her plans.

GH spoilers note that viewers will see Olivia and Julian battling some more as she talks with her brother and seemingly gains an advantage over him. He’s desperate to keep his family safe and deal with her, but he may manage to turn things around soon. People are figuring out that Olivia is alive and well in Port Charles and trying to take people down, and it seems that others will figure this out soon as well. As much as Julian battles, however, the buzz is that someone may soon die at Olivia’s hand, and it is believed that she will be leaving town relatively soon.

As the week continues, Alexis will ask Jordan for assistance, Jason breaks his word, and Nelle angles to get out of the line of fire. Thursday’s episode brings the confrontation between Franco and Jason, and this is where the devastation for Elizabeth factors into things as well. Kevin will be anxious to find answers, and this is surely related to Laura. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Alexis will connect with Monica for help, and Robin will be gravely worried about Anna.

Anna will soon piece together the fragments of her memory regarding Valentin that have her so frazzled, and Olivia will be using Ava to carry out the next phase of her plan. Will Nelle be able to build a future with Michael despite her antics regarding Sonny and Carly? Can Julian and Alexis keep their loved ones safe despite Liv’s determination to destroy them? General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is plenty more chaos on the way as the week of February 27 continues, and viewers will not want to miss what comes next.

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