‘This Is Us’ New Tuesday, February 28 ‘Jack’s Death’ Episode? No, Trump’s Speech

Those fans of This is Us on NBC shouldn’t look for a new episode of This is Us on Tuesday, February 28. According to NBC, This is Us will return on Tuesday, March 7. And it’s no spoiler alert for This is Us fans to talk about how the main character’s death came about. After all, patriarch Jack Pearson’s death has already been heavily foreshadowed, Jack’s funeral shown, and hints at how Jack died have been bandied about throughout plenty of This is Us episodes. With each new episode that airs, new theories on how Jack will meet his demise abound. And with the below video showing sneak peeks of the This is Us character’s lives next steps, more clues have unfolded about Jack’s death.

The This is Us episode titled “What Now?” will show things coming to a head in the previously perfect marriage of Jack and Rebecca Pearson, according to the IMDB description of the This is Us new forthcoming episode.

“The family gather at Randall’s for an unusual party; Kevin and Sophie’s relationship deepens; Tensions are high between Jack and Rebecca.”

Fans will have to wait until Tuesday, March 7, at 9 p.m. to watch that episode of This is Us to figure out if Jack takes the bait from the woman/possible bartender offering him a drink. Jack’s alcoholism has been displayed in previous episodes of This is Us, so one theory floating about claims that Jack might die in a drunk-driving incident. On March 14, This is Us viewers will learn more in the “Moonshadow” episode.

As reported by Glamour, This Is Us has caused plenty of theories to come about ever since revealing that Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) would eventually die. The most recent episode of This is Us showed Randall dealing with the final days of his biological dad William, played by Ron Cephas Jones. The publication theorizes that since Randall was obsessed with his father not dying alone, it might be a clue that Jack — the dad that raised Randall since he was a little baby — died alone. It was a fate that Randall may have been trying to avoid his biological father experiencing as a way of making up for potentially not being there as a teenager when Jack died.

As reported by Variety, the season finale of This Is Us will be delayed one week due to President Donald Trump’s speech. That This is Us finale would have originally aired on March 7 — but now that This is Us finale will air March 14. That’s because President Trump has his first speech to address a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, February 28. Therefore, if This is Us fans try to tune in for a new episode of This is Us on Tuesday, February 28, they’ll likely catch Mr. Trump talking about immigration issues instead.

The fact that This Is Us won’t air a new episode on Tuesday, February 28, in lieu of Mr. Trump’s speech, is already getting a reaction from This Is Us fans on social media. Some of their comments can be read below.

Ashley Laurilla wrote: “Pretty pi**ed This Is Us isn’t on tonight because [of] Trump’s speech.”

Rozie Rosenbaum wrote:NO This is Us episode tonight. Trump is on TV again.”

Jill Gaul asked: “Here is the BIG question today: Will This Is Us still be aired even though Trump is addressing Congress?”

Deidre James quipped:This alone is grounds for impeachment.”

Carol Ann Hamilla was “feeling annoyed” and wrote:So we can forget watching This is Us tonight as Trump will be addressing Congress…thanks!!!”

Add your voice below. Would you rather watch a new episode of This Is Us on Tuesday, February 28th — or Mr. Trump’s speech? Comment below.

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