Penn Badgley Marries Domino Kirke! Who Is His Talented Musician And Doula Wife?

Domino Kirke and Penn Badgley just got married!

Surrounded by family and friends, the beaming bride had her 8-year old son Cassius hold the bridal bouquet as the small gathering shared in their simple nuptials. The Daily Mail reports that the statuesque bride wore a short, white lace dress with and carried a pastel colored bouquet while the groom looked dapper in a navy blazer and recently shorn hair. The towering wedding cake was both vegan and gluten-free and beautifully adorned with kumquats and fig halves.

The actor/musician Badgley had been dating musician/doula Kirke for three years before their Brooklyn courthouse marriage. While millions know Penn Badgley from his popular acting roles, as well as his band MOTHXR, very few know much about his new wife Domino, except she is the sister of Jemima Kirke from Girls and Lola Kirke from Mozart In The Jungle, as well as the daughter of classic rock royalty, drummer Simon Kirke.

The gorgeous, British-born Domino Kirke was named after Domino Harvey, the bounty hunter that was immortalized in the 2005 Kiera Knightly movie simply entitled Domino. Kirke’s mother Lorraine, who owns the exclusive West Village shop Greminola, where Girls star Lena Dunham once had worked, met Domino Harvey as a child and loved her name.

Growing up in an artistic family, the 33-year-old Domino explored all of her creative passions. From a young child, Domino was singing operas and in choirs, aptly taught by her musical father. Her musical skills are obviously quite natural as her father is Simon Kirke, rock drummer extraordinaire from the bands Free and Bad Company, and he is a governor on the Grammy Award Committee as well. Bad Company has the great distinction of being the first band to release an album on Led Zeppelin’s label, Swan Song, as they dominated the charts.

Not to be outdone by her spouse, Kirke’s mother Lorraine owns Greminola. This is a clothing boutique that sells one-of-a-kind designs sewn from vintage clothing. Greminola is popular with many celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker. Her Sex and The City character Carrie sometimes wore spectacular originals from the West Village vintage boutique.

As a teen, Domino sang in clubs and though underage, she was signed to the label Fun Machine. She created her first EP with Mark Ronson, and eventually, she started the band DOMINO, which does make sense when you have such a unique and memorable name. But what changed her entire career was her son Cassius, whom she gave birth to eight years ago, from a previous relationship.

After Cassius was born, Domino was disillusioned with the big hospital birthing experience. She was determined to make a huge difference in the lives of expectant mothers. She became a doula and started Carriage House with her two business partners.

“I was always interested in becoming a midwife, then at my own birth I didn’t get the support I’d hoped for, and that changed everything. That’s why I became a doula. There’s such a need. And I just realized that my labor was so long and crazy that I was really good at supporting a woman in labor—it just felt so close to home… I really wanted Carriage House to be a safe space for women to come and have their needs met.”

She explained to New York Family that Carriage House is a “one stop shop” with support from prenatal education to new parenting classes.

What has grounded her was becoming a mom and a doula. She says she is a different person than she was when she was just a musician. Now, it is not just about her.

“I don’t have as much ego now, if any! I play music now for fun. Before [having kids] there was a lot of pressure for it to be the thing I do, and somehow I found the balance between being a doula, a mum, and a musician.”

Although she is a doula and an advocate for expectant mothers, she has not had that sort of experience herself. Does this mean that Domino and Penn will have any children soon? Perhaps that will be the next bit of exciting news!

Have you been following the music and careers of both Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke? Were you surprised by their marriage?

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