Scheana And Mike Shay Cross Paths At ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion

Scheana Shay has been through a rollercoaster of emotions over the last several months. November is when things took a turn for the worst with her husband, Mike Shay. Rumors circulated that he had relapsed on prescription pills and drained her bank account, but he has since denied those claims. There was also talk that he disappeared for several days, and that is also something Mike denies. Scheana hasn’t talked much about her failing marriage, but it looks like she is about to be forced into saying something about it.

The Vanderpump Rules reunion was filmed just a few days ago and Scheana Shay was met there by her soon-to-be ex-husband, Mike Shay. While there were no details about what went down between the two, All About the Tea confirmed that Scheana Shay did talk about the marital issues with Mike while they were filming. There will likely be leaks about what was said as the days pass but for now, nothing is available. Mike sent out a tweet about closing a chapter in his life while Scheana dropped hints that things were sad over the weekend. As of now, the two are still legally married even though they both signed the divorce papers just before Christmas.

Fans are interested to find out what happened between Scheana and Mike Shay. Many predicted the two wouldn’t last after they got married but the sudden split was actually surprising. Scheana let the world know things were bad in November and in subsequent weeks confirmed that fans would be able to see how things fell apart on Vanderpump Rules. So far, the season has focused on Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz getting married, and both Scheana and Mike took part in the festivities because they were in a decent place. Nothing out of the ordinary has been shown on the television show just yet.

It seems that despite the fact that Scheana Shay is making it appear she is sad over the taping of the Vanderpump Rules, she has already moved on from Mike Shay. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago, Scheana talked a little bit about her love life. She kept her mystery man’s name a secret, but it has since been outed that she is dating Robert Valletti. He was seen on her social media and many believed Scheana was dating Mike Comrie, but it turns out that was just a mix up. Things seem to be going well for the Vanderpump Rules star with her new guy, though she isn’t rushing into anything. Fans are happy to know who she is dating because the suspense was killing them. Speculations were everywhere but the air has finally been cleared.

With the Vanderpump Rules reunion airing in just a few weeks, Scheana Shay has time to prepare to relive the day again. Before taping, she had not seen Mike since before Christmas. They signed the divorce papers and went their separate ways. It was reported that she sent him back home to Michigan as a parting gift. He was able to spend the holidays with his family. There was some questions about whether or not he had planned to stay there or return to California and it looks like the west coast will continue to be his home. Scheana and Mike are not yet officially divorced but she has talked about how she already feels like it is over. The judge is the last piece of the puzzle and once papers are signed, Scheana and Mike will no longer be lawfully husband and wife. Vanderpump Rules was a huge part of their marriage and relationship and even though it is a constant reminder of the past, Scheana Shay is going to stick around.

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