‘Cards Against Humanity’ Co-Creator Sends ‘Secret Hitler’ Game To Senators

Cards Against Humanity card game co-creator Max Temkin introduced a new Secret Hitler game to “U.S. senators as commentary on President Donald Trump.” The game takes place in pre-World War II Germany and the object is to keep the rise of fascism from taking over.


Now this movement to send these games to every seated Senator is an attempt to give them warning regarding the Trump administration. The company had thought that this would aid the Senators in “negotiating the balance of power in the Trump White House,” according to Distractify.

“To achieve his evil ends, Adolf Hitler required the cooperation of well-meaning men who hoped to appease and control the Nazis,” says the narrator in a promotional video released Feb. 24. “Our game explores that relationship and highlights the difficulty of recognizing your own manipulation before it’s too late.”

It seems that Cards Against Humanity co-creator, who had teamed up with author Tommy Maranges and video game creator Mike Boxleiter, sees some seriousness to what is going on with the Trump administration to the point they would exert this amount of their resources to move their cause forward.

It seems the implication made by this game company is that the country could rise to fascism if certain moves within the Trump administration are made. The game has a liberal and fascist side and could be considered to run in parallel with what may or may not happen since the country has taken on a new leader.

On the other hand, could this not just be a sheer marketing stunt on the behalf of the Cards Against Humanity co-creator? This will certainly draw eyes and customers, but whose to know that they’ll even care about what a U.S. Senator thinks of it, especially when they have bigger fish to fry than to involve themselves in a card game.

Here’s how the Secret Hitler game works.

There is a chancellor and president in each round. Three policies are given unto the chancellor by the president. The chancellor only passes one of them. Liberals win by passing five liberal policies or assassinating Hitler. In turn, the fascists attempt to pass six fascist policies or elect Hitler as chancellor after three of those fascist polices had passed.


Back in November, the Cards Against Humanity game founders had been responsible for a billboard written in Arabic “poking fun at Trump,” according to Temkin. Translated it reads, “Donald Trump, he can’t read this, but he is afraid of it.” He also created the super PAC called “Nuisance Committee.”

There was an angle that offered up a real purpose considering that the billboard was posted in Michigan and labeled a swing state. Nuisance Committee spokesperson Melissa Harris mentioned the reason is to have Arab-American’s “voices be heard and counted.”

Of course this isn’t the first stunt that the game creators had partaken in. Last year in November, they were going to dig a hole to nowhere for as long as people were willing to fund the dig. They raised just over $100,000 so that is one big hole.

In 2014, as a Black Friday special, they sold 30,000 bags of bull excrement at $6 a pop. Recently in a Superbowl ad they aired a commercial featuring a potato with the word “Advertisement” written on it in marker. The only sound you could hear was just some white noise.

Do you think the Cards Against Humanity co-creator made a great move to perhaps bring awareness to the country’s seated Senators? Do you think the fascist implication of the game is present and could influence things in the White House?

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]