RG3 Girlfriend Grete Sadeiko Saves Cleveland Browns QB At Florida State

Robert Griffin III’s girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, may have saved the athlete from himself. RG3’s girlfriend is a member of the Florida State Track & Field team, which is where an incident took place this past week. That incident was caught on camera and posted by website TMZ, showing how Grete Sadeiko may have even kept RG3 from getting into a fight.

A report by TMZ states that Griffin was sprinting on the track at FWU last Monday evening (February 20) when he accidentally bumped into another runner. Witnesses told the website that it was definitely an accident and even called it an “honest mistake” by the new quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Apparently, the other man didn’t see it that way and wouldn’t let it go.

When the other man “stepped to” the former Baylor quarterback, RG3’s girlfriend grabbed him and pulled Griffin away from the situation. The video that was posted on TMZ showed that both men were pretty heated, suggesting the situation could have been much worse if Grete Sadeiko hadn’t stepped in. She also spoke to TMZ about the altercation.

“The [other guy] got heated and got way too close to [Robert] but Robert didn’t touch the guy not once nor put his hands on him. The guy tried to approach him again while Robert was walking away. I went between so the guy wouldn’t do anything stupid and that was the end of it.”

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A previous report by TMZ from this past summer introduced Grete Sadeiko as RG3’s girlfriend. It was stated that Sadeiko and Griffin had been seen together for a few weeks, with this serving as confirmation that they were officially dating. The article itself was primarily focused on how Griffin’s divorce proceedings were nearly complete and that the football player was ready to move on. He had been married to Rebecca Liddicoat, with whom he had one child.

Sadeiko is a 23-year-old Estonian-born track and field athlete for Florida State University. She immediately became quite noticeable on social media, even making posts on her Twitter account to cheer on RG3 during preseason NFL games. The couple still references each other frequently on social media, with a recent photo posted to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

After spending the first few seasons of his NFL career with the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III signed on with the Cleveland Browns during the last offseason. His contract is worth $15 million over two seasons, including a $3.5 million signing bonus and $6.75 million in guaranteed salary. 2017 will be his final year under this deal, with many NFL analysts predicting the Browns are about to select another quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft.

RG3 started five games for the Browns during the 2016 NFL season before getting hurt and placed on injured reserve to close out the year. Up to that point, he had not impressed many NFL analysts, suggesting that he was very close to losing the job anyway. He will return to the team in an attempt to battle for the starting quarterback job once again, with the training camps and preseason games likely to dictate his future with the franchise.

Over his five games with the Browns, Griffin posted 886 passing yards, two touchdowns, and three interceptions. RG3 had a completion rate of just 59.2 for the season, marking the lowest number of his five-year NFL career. He would also finish the season with a poor quarterback rating of just 72.5, but many fans excused his efforts due to how poor the supporting cast was on the Browns’ roster.

A former first-round draft pick by the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III has continued to struggle at regaining the relevancy he found during his rookie season. In 2012, he helped the Redskins to a 9-6 record and the NFL Playoffs, getting selected to the Pro Bowl as a reward. Since then, though, he has posted a combined record of just 6-19 as a starting quarterback for the Redskins and Browns. A knee injury he suffered against the Seattle Seahawks during that playoff game may still bother him to this day.

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RG3’s girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, may have stepped in at just the right time during the incident at the FSU track. In recent years, the NFL has really been cracking down on athletes who have been involved in off-the-field activity that might show the league in a bad light. Had the situation escalated, it’s possible that Griffin could have been putting his contract with the Cleveland Browns in jeopardy.

While the situations were different, Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson both received suspensions and a huge loss of pay when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reacted to their off-field issues. Being the focus of a TMZ article is often not a good thing for an athlete, but with the way that the situation was handled and that no physical contact took place, Robert Griffin III is clear to report to training camp again this spring. RG3’s girlfriend gets a lot of credit for stepping in at the right time and keeping the accident from becoming something worse.

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