Is Roman Reigns A Victim Of WWE Edits As Controversial Tweets Suggest?

Roman Reigns is a WWE package that comes complete with a chorus of boos, which is something you often hear first before even getting a glimpse of Reigns making his way into the ring. The boos are real, but WWE’s Road Dogg believes the cheers for Reigns are just as real too. For some reason you end up only hearing those loud hums of discontent for the wrestler, who is often billed as one of the most hated in the WWE today.

According to Sportskeeda, Road Dogg reports WWE fans met Reigns with cheers when in Germany over the weekend. He posted his observation online with a favorable tweet concerning Roman Reigns. While at a live show in Regensburg, Germany, Road Dogg couldn’t help but notice the fans were quite impressed with Reigns, and he noted this in a tweet. This ended up as a tweet he would end up having to defend when it came to Reigns’ critics.

WWE’s Road Dog not only sent out praise for Reigns after he got the favorable reaction from the German WWE fans, but he also conveyed he was quite impressed himself with Reigns’ finishing move. That went over like a lead balloon with some of the fans of WWE. One wrestling fan noted that Reigns got cheers for only one reason and that’s because the place was filled with all kids. The tweet pointed out that kids made up of about 90% of the audience. You can see that tweet below.

Road Dogg didn’t ignore the backlash from the critics. The guy saying the audience was nothing but kids got an answer from Road Dogg in another tweet, which is posted below:

So what about those cheers for Reigns that Road Dogg is talking about? While Reigns does conjure up a lot of the boos and a lot of disparaging remarks from the WWE fans, he does have some die-hard fans that love the guy. As Give Me Sports suggests, there are WWE fans that “make it their mission” to make sure Reigns receives “the loudest reactions of the night,” that’s any night. They were talking about the boos that target Reigns at every event.

What you do hear when you tune into Monday Night RAW or when you click into that WWE live pay-per-view event is a lot of noise aimed at Reigns. There’s a real push with the WWE for that negative reaction to Reigns to be heard above all else.

There’s no denying that the vibrations from the noise when Reigns suddenly appears, amps up like a locomotive barreling its way down the tracks right at you. That’s a good thing for the WWE and maybe for Reigns too, as a loud negative reaction is better than no reaction at all, but Road Dogg has a different take on things today, cites Give Me Sports.

Road Dog offered up a comment on Reigns that caught the interest of the Give Me Sports folks regarding that noise coming from the crowds that’s aimed at Reigns. Today Road Dogg is a producer after years in the WWE, but as a former WWE wrestler, he knows his way around the ring and behind the scenes just as well as the next guy.

When Reigns was touring Germany with the RAW roster “he hit a brilliant Spear on Braun Strowman,” suggests Give Me Sports. This conjured up cheers from the crowd, and those cheers were for Reigns. Road Dogg suggests that Reigns’ critics who are heard booing are actually a minority and not the majority of the crowd as usually portrayed.

When Reigns does get those cheers the “anti establishment minority” doesn’t want the other fans to know that Reigns does get cheered on, said Road Dogg. The other fans are those watching from home or who will see the many WWE clips online that post after events. If they are not there to hear it, it is easy enough for folks to say it didn’t happen, suggests Road Dogg.

According to Sportskeeda, the WWE has been accused in the past of editing the crowd reaction when it comes to Reigns during his performance and when he makes his entrance into the ring. So Road Dogg’s suggestion that the WWE likes to keep the cheers under wraps has some previous claims to back him up.

With the RAW event in Germany, you can hear the fans cheering Reigns just after the table broke in half, which is seen and heard in the clip below.

As Sportskeeda points out, the WWE has to end the Roman Reigns experiment because they continue to frustrate the fans. Some WWE fans see Reigns turning heel as a move forward for Reigns, where others consider that move a type of demotion for the WWE wrestler. Reigns himself once said that turning heel would only limit his appeal, according to SB Nation, in an article from last month. It looks as though folks just can’t get on the same page when it comes to Reigns and his future road in the WWE.

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