Halle Berry’s Show-Stopping Afro At Academy Awards

Halle Berry, long known for her gorgeous skin, svelte figure, and versatile acting abilities, stole the show at the Academy Awards when she came out sporting a hairstyle that many thought was a bit “extreme” but others were enthralled with.

Berry was dazzling in a champagne colored evening gown and a large, curly “afro” hairstyle that was popular in previous decades, but is not seen frequently anymore. In fact, according to Seattle Times, Berry’s uncharacteristic hairstyle may have been the number one show-stopper at the Oscars. Halle Berry’s hairstylist explained how she transitioned the actress from her usual sleek pixie cut.

“I would say I cut off at least 5 inches. It created a whole new shape. It’s definitely a new look for her—we went for a very natural, curly, powerful asymetrical ‘fro. This is something she’s never done before and it’s just ridiculous how good she looks.”

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Many agreed, commenting on Twitter and other social media sites that Berry may have been making a statement that honored her heritage, or she may have been just going for something that was natural and easy. Regardless, many found the look refreshing. One Twitter user applauded her for the courage to try something different. Vicky Garza had nothing but kind words for the actress, which she tweeted.

“Loved Halle Berry’s Hair! I love her in a pixie but if you’re gonna grow it out ROCK IT!!!…”

However, many were shuddering at her new look and bewildered by her drastic change in appearance. A Twitter user tweeted that he preferred to pretend that Berry’s new look “didn’t happen.”

“Halle Berry’s hair. I would not be mad if she took a bathroom break and traded wigs with somebody, anybody. Love you, though, Halle.”

Not unexpectedly, there was some backlash over some of the tweets, with some accusing them of being racially charged and even racist, according to the Miami Herald. Sports Illustrated made a social gaffe, according to some, when they tweeted a side-by-side comparison of Halle Berry and NBA free agent Anderson Varejao, who both sport afro hairstyles. There was no caption, but many people immediately responded in a negative way, and Sports Illustrated took the tweet down soon after.

Charles M. Blow tweeted that whoever tweeted it on behalf of Sports Illustrated should be fired.

“This is rude as hell! Whichever intern u have manning ur acct tonight should be fired, this should be deleted and an apology should be made.”

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This begs the question, however, if people believe that there is something inherently wrong with Anderson Varejao’s hair and why it would be considered rude to be compared to him. He also seems to be sporting a natural look that is celebratory of his heritage.

Halle Berry, well known for her stability and lack of reaction to dramatics, was unfazed by the criticism and seemed happy to discuss why she chose the hairstyle she did and how she feels about it.

“I have always marched to the beat to my own drum, and I think this red-carpet look encapsulates that. The dress is glamorous with a sense of romance that made me feel feminine and fresh. With this look, I celebrate my natural hair by allowing it to be wild and free.”

With her enviable figure and timeless good looks, it’s difficult to imagine that many people truly feel Halle Berry looks bad with her new hairstyle — perhaps they just need to adjust to it. Regardless, Halle Berry seems comfortable in her own skin and hair, which many consider the definition of beauty.

What did you think of Berry’s hairstyle and the Sports Illustrated tweet regarding it?

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