‘Bachelor’ Finale 2017 Spoilers: Does Schedule Shake-Up Change Outcome Of Show?

Bachelor finale 2017 spoilers have been pretty steady throughout the whole season. Reality Steve spoiled Nick Viall’s season of the popular dating show several weeks ago, and he is sticking by his original report. He says that Nick is engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi and that Nick chooses Vanessa over Raven on the show’s finale, which is set to air on March 13.

Bachelor producers have done their best to add some fire to Nick Viall’s season of the show, and that has left viewers with a lot of lingering episodes. In the past, there was usually a good flow of episode followed by a rose ceremony, but this season, there have been more “cliffhangers,” and plenty of episodes that begin with a rose ceremony instead of end with one.

Nick Viall [Image by Mitch Haaseth/ABC]

Now, we’re hearing of another episode shake-up that will affect the rest of the season.

While Bachelor finale 2017 spoilers haven’t changed — Nick still picks Vanessa, according to multiple sources — the rest of the season is going to play out a bit odd. On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, viewers are going to watch what’s sure to be a tense sit-down between Nick Viall and his ex, Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman. According to TV Guide, tonight’s episode will only be an hour long. It will start with Nick and Andi having a chat before Nick jets off to Finland to start his Fantasy Suite dates. Of course, Nick still has to send Corinne home before he gets on that plane, and that elimination, though expected, is set to be quite entertaining.

Nick will be spending alone time with Vanessa Grimaldi, Raven Gates, and Rachel Lindsay. Since it has already been confirmed that Rachel Lindsay is the next Bachelorette star, the Bachelor finale is pretty much already set up for you.

On March 6, Nick will send Rachel Lindsay home. The episode will wrap up the Fantasy Suite dates and will show Nick’s strong connection to both Vanessa and Raven. However, that episode will only be an hour long as well. It will immediately be followed by the Women Tell All special, which will have Nick in the hot seat, no doubt. The show will span two hours, giving fans three full hours of Bachelor goodness.

And then it’s the finale — finally! On March 13, Nick Viall will propose to Vanessa Grimaldi. The two will make their official debut as an engaged couple on the After the Final Rose special, which will air right after the couple’s taped engagement.

Vanessa Grimaldi accepts a rose from Nick Viall. [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC]

Bachelor finale 2017 spoilers indicate a very romantic proposal — which is fairly classic — but this time, the Bachelor crew will be filming with snow on the ground as evidenced by several finale previews. Generally speaking, these couples usually get engaged in the most exotic settings, usually somewhere in the Caribbean. It’s unknown why this season was different, but there isn’t any shortage of romance! The setting that the producers were able to kick up is quite lovely.

Now, whether or not Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are still together and doing well post-Bachelor finale is another story. Reality Steve stated that he had heard that the two weren’t doing well and that Nick didn’t want to move to Canada to be with Vanessa and she didn’t want to move to the States to live with him. There are also rumors about Nick being on the new season of Dancing with the Stars and him wanting to keep his fame and fortune run going rather than settle down.

Do you think that Nick and Vanessa have staying power?

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