Is ‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Daddy Javi, Tyler, Or JC?

Speculation is still running high days after Kailyn Lowry confirmed her third pregnancy on social media. Lowry has yet to confirm the identity of the father, but that hasn’t stopped everyone from throwing out possible suspects. Who is Lowry’s new baby daddy?

According to Cafe Mom, there are three likely candidates — Lowry’s ex, Javi Marroquin; her good friend Tyler Hill; and Teen Mom 2 producer JC Cueva. It’s important to note that Lowry denied the pregnancy for weeks, and there’s no telling when she’ll reveal the identity of the father.

Hill is a strong candidate. He was rumored to have started an affair with Lowry when Marroquin was on active duty in the Air Force and serving time overseas. Marroquin and Lowry bashed each other a lot in the months building up to their divorce, but they didn’t confirm that infidelity was a problem.

In Touch Weekly reports that the cheating rumors hit an all-time high after an episode of Teen Mom 2. Lowry and Marroquin were FaceTiming when she received a text from Hill. Fans captured the image and tagged Marroquin, who replied by saying, “Oh interesting, same guy from last season.”

He later hinted that Lowry did some things while he was deployed that ultimately ended their marriage.

“I found out a lot of things while I was overseas that was a deal breaker,” he shared. “It was too much damage that can’t be undone.”

Another possibility is Lowry’s new producer, Cueva, with whom she shares a strong bond. The two were involved in some pretty heated romance rumors last month. Lowry tried to deny the reports on social media, but fans didn’t buy it. After all, the Teen Mom star did the same thing with her pregnancy, so why should we believe anything she denies?

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Cueva admitted in an interview last month that he enjoyed working with Kailyn Lowry. Not only did he reveal that he has “a really good relationship with Kail,” but he also said that they joke around a lot on set. Is this why Lowry has been hesitant to talk about her breakup and dating life on camera?

“I was a new person coming in; her previous died producer had been with her for years and years,” Cueva explained. “I had big shoes to fill, but I think I did a good job. I joke around with her a lot. She likes me as a person, but she hates that I have to be a producer sometimes. We get along really great, and I think she respects me.”

While Hill and Cueva are the likeliest suspects for Lowry’s baby daddy, Marroquin’s name has also been thrown into the mix. That being said, the Hollywood Gossip reports that Marroquin and Lowry’s relationship is still pretty strained, so it’s not likely that he’s the father.

Shortly after Lowry announced the pregnancy online, Marroquin took to Twitter to throw some shade at his former wife. While fans barraged him with questions about the pregnancy, Marroquin refused to say anything and kept focused on his son, Lincoln.

“lol, y’all aren’t getting anything from me!” Marroquin wrote. “It will all play out.”

The Teen Mom star later posted a photo on Instagram of his kid. Marroquin captioned the photo by saying that he wants to “pick up the pieces” for his son as they move on with their lives.

Lowry hasn’t said anything about Marroquin’s comments. Instead, she told fans that she’s happy to be having a third child and that “babies are blessings.” She has not revealed who the father is or when the baby is due.

Tell us! Who do you think is the father of Kailyn Lowry’s third baby? Let us know in the comments below.

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