Barron Trump Photo Of Him In Motorcade After Inauguration Wins Big Award

A photo of Barron Trump riding in the motorcade with his parents after the inauguration on January 20 has won a photographer a big award. The first son hasn’t been seen in public since President Donald Trump was sworn into office that day. The 10-year-old son of the president and Melania Trump was a hit during the inauguration and he thoroughly reveled in being a part of the inaugural parade that followed after the ceremony.

An image that was snapped of Barron Trump in the president’s car during the parade titled, “BARRON,” won Washington Post photographer, Jabin Botsford, the inauguration photo category at The White House News Photographers Association. The inauguration category is included every fourth year of the annual event after a presidential election.

Reading the Pictures revealed that the Barron Trump photo leaves us with many questions. It asked to “what extent is it respectful (or safe) to tease out the meaning, power and symbolism of the prized scene” given the “media blackout on children of the president”?

The winning shot is here.

The article also poses the question about when a photo is considered a “cultural artifact” or “a probe of the expressions and personalities” of the scene unfolding.

It further analyzes Barron Trump’s facial expression in the photo; on one hand suggesting some may read into as a “silent scream” — expressing the horror many felt about Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. It also served to counter President Trump’s “thumbs up” that’s also seen in the photo. A torrent of users on social media actually used images of Barron’s facial expressions throughout the day for just that — expressing their own opposition to Trump becoming president. Unfortunately, targeting Barron included celebrities. As Inquisitr previously reported, one of them was Modern Family actress Julie Bowen.

Various photos of Barron Trump simply showed the child experiencing moments of boredom as long speeches were delivered. There were brief episodes of yawning and other basic human expressions that were of intense interest to the public.

Barron Trump waving to crowds during the inaugural parade on January 20, 2017. [Image by Evan Vucci/Getty Images]

The winning Barron Trump photo was a subject of in-depth analysis by the website. It also surmised the relationship between the president and his son.

“Exhibited side-by-side, the expressions and behaviors of Donald and Barron being highly compelling while thoroughly disconnected, the photo literally frames the question of how father and son relate, and how the behavior of one informs the other.”

The dissection continued in the article to the point that it speculated the photo may have won Botsford the award because it was a “pushback” to President Trump’s proclivity to go “low” and that not even his own family is “off limits.”

“Apparently, there is nothing sacred or off limits to him, whether it involves the allegedly fake, lying, enemy-of-the-state media or even his own loved ones. Is it possible the elevation of this photo, at least in part, is a pushback to that?”

No one knows what the decision-makers in the awards committee was thinking when the photo was chosen the winner. The rarely seen Barron Trump was in the spotlight with the rest of the Trump family on Inauguration Day. He hit his stride during the inaugural parade, waving to well-wishers with his parents after hours of sitting through speeches.

Barron is still in New York with his mother, Melania, until he finishes the school year this June. The two will reportedly move into the White House this summer and Barron will likely attend a private school in the D.C. area.

Barron Trump is already an extremely popular figure and the public looks forward to the next photo they see of him as the nation’s first son.

[Featured Image by Saul Loeb/Getty Images]

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