Adam Lind Reportedly Is Done With ‘Teen Mom 2’

Adam Lind has been the resident bad guy on Teen Mom 2 since the very beginning. Viewers didn’t like the way he treated Chelsea Houska when she was pregnant with Aubree and they definitely didn’t approve of how he treated her after their daughter was born. It has been seven years since Lind was put in the reality television spotlight and it looks like he is ready to leave it all behind. The current season is airing right now and Adam Lind has not made himself available to the producers, which has caused some conflict as well.

After threatening to leave Teen Mom 2 for several seasons now, it appears that Adam Lind is done filming the reality show. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Adam Lind will not be signing on for another season of Teen Mom 2. As of right now, the show has not offered him another contract for the next season but if they do, he will not be accepting the offer. This isn’t shocking because Lind has not been cooperative with the producers at all. He would agree to a time for filming and then completely ignore the crew when they showed up at his house. There have been at least two times this season that something like this has occurred, and the season isn’t even over yet.

The relationship between Adam Lind and Chelsea Houska has been rocky at best. She tried hard to make things work with him but realized that he was not going to be who she needed him to be. As the years have progressed, Lind and Houska interact less and less. Aubree used to spend time with his parents during his allotted visitation, but now she is spending time with him at his home. Because Houska has now built a life with Cole DeBoer and the two are married and have welcomed their first child, Lind is no longer needed to keep the story going.

One of the biggest issues Adam Lind has with filming Teen Mom 2 is he believes they make him the resident punching bag. He isn’t the first franchise star to complain about bad editing. Lind believes that the production crew stages situations to make him look bad, and he is done with all of that. Social media is something he avoids because he is reportedly attacked over things shown on Teen Mom 2. Instead of enhancing his life, Lind reportedly has experienced more trouble from the show. At this point, it looks like he believes the show causes more harm than good and wants to live a quiet life.

Right now, there is no solid confirmation that Adam Lind will not be returning to Teen Mom 2. Rumors have circulated for several seasons prior saying he would not be back. In fact, Lind himself said he would not be filming this season, but he has been obligated to under the contract he signed. It looks like the contracts for everyone on Teen Mom 2 expire this season. There has been no indication of whether any of the moms have been offered a new contract, but Lind has not as of yet.

Despite the perception that Adam Lind likes the spotlight, he does not. Living a quiet life is what he wants for himself. Sources have said he is working on cars for a friend and moving on with his life. Teen Mom 2 was never something that he wanted to do long-term, and with the issues he has had with editing and social media hatred, ending it now seems to be what is best for him. Adam Lind is still contracted to do the reunion show, and that will likely be where he confirms his departure.

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