‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Promo Jason Rushes To Save Sam [VIDEO]

General Hospital just released a brand new promo video about Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and Jason Morgan (Billy Miller), titled “Time Is Not on Their Side,” and it’s all about Jason’s race to save Sam and their unborn child.

The General Hospital video promo starts out nicely enough, with Sam and Jason with Dr. Lee (Minae Noji) staring at baby Scout on the ultrasound screen. However, it then switches dramatically over to the scene on the bridge where Olivia “Liv” Jerome (Tonja Walker) shoved Sam off the bridge.

Can Jason Find Sam In Time?

Jason and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) find Sam’s phone in her purse where Liv stuck it just as she was leaving the Metro Court. General Hospital spoilers promise Jason finds a photo Sam took while she was captive in Liv’s car, and it shows the bridge he knows well in the background.

That bridge has been host to many important moments in Jason’s life on General Hospital, including special times there with Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) and Sam herself. But now that bridge might be the site of his worst nightmare if Sam and the JaSam baby don’t survive.

Sam In Labor

Sam tried to climb out of the pit she’s in, but the walls are snow and ice slick and very slanted. Sam is seriously injured, and when things look like they can’t get any worse, she begins to feel the first of her labor pains, according to General Hospital spoilers. This is a terrible place to give birth.

New General Hospital spoilers video says Sam was “left for dead” by Liv, and that seems to be true. Sam promises her unborn child that “Daddy will come for us,” and that’s definitely what Jason is trying to do, but General Hospital spoilers question if he’ll reach her in time.

The PCPD Is No Help

As usual, the Port Charles cops are no help at all. Alexis runs over to see Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) to try and get help with a search and rescue force, but Jordan says Sam “could be anywhere right now.” General Hospital spoilers predict it will all be down to Jason to save his wife.

Jason drives through the chilly night desperate to reach his pregnant wife. General Hospital spoilers video shows Jason on the bridge calling out for Sam but is it too late? Will Sam give birth down in the pit in the ice, snow and sludge? Who will save her since she can’t save herself?

Jason Or Franco?

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry and GH sources hint Franco might be the one to find Sam, but that would infuriate JaSam fans who don’t want him anywhere near her. General Hospital spoilers have promised a twist in Sam’s delivery story, but dragging Franco into it would be a true shocker.

There are some other General Hospital spoilers about Franco and Jason in an epic confrontation next week and if Franco did save Sam, that might be the trigger for the incident. With Sam a near-legacy character, it seems doubtful she’ll die due to this medical crisis and the JaSam baby will survive too.

Sam In Danger

General Hospital spoilers tease Sam is found but she’s unconscious and bearly lucid when found and she’s definitely in labor. Who finds her is still a question General Hospital spoilers have not answered. The new General Hospital promo video shows Sam begging the baby not to come yet.

Other General Hospital spoilers released before February sweeps began promised Sam would give birth in an interesting way with Jason at her side. Even if Franco is involved in the rescue, it looks like Jason will be reunited with Sam in time for the birth of little Scout.

Fans still don’t know the gender of the JaSam baby, but they will know very soon, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.

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