‘Dance Moms’ Star Ashlee Allen: Abby Miller ‘Left Us,’ ALDC Owner Exits Show?

Dance Moms Season 7B is currently filming. Although the Lifetime reality series getting new episodes is certainly good news to fans, there is a bit of a bad news as not everyone is expected to return.

Brynn Rumfallo’s dance mom, Ashlee Allen, implied in her latest post on Instagram that Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) owner, Abby Lee Miller, will not be on the show anymore, saying she “left us.”

Allen revealed this in reply to a fan’s comment on a selfie of hers with her fellow Dance Moms co-star Kira Girard and BoomKack Worldwide choreographers, Meagan Nugent and Laurieann Gibson, who helped ALDC in their most recent competition for Season 7B.

Gibson confirmed on her Instagram that she is “taking over” for Miller while Nugent teased in a separate Instagram post that they were “stepping in” for the dance coach at the Fierce National Dance Competition in Panorama City, California, which was filmed for the third episode of Dance Moms Season 7B.

Allen’s comment had many thinking that Abby will no longer appear in Dance Moms Season 7 and that she has left the show permanently, which comes as little surprise since there have been reports about the shaky status of Abby in the series.

For fans who have been following the show since day one, Dance Moms without Abby Miller won’t be Dance Moms. She has been on the show since its inception and has played an important role in it.

A Dance Moms Season 7 still featuring Abby Lee Miller [Image by Lifetime]

Miller certainly knows how to keep the fire going on the dance floor and the tension high in her studio as she works with the ALDC girls and clashes with the dance moms in the process.

It is to be pointed out, however, that the Dance Moms Season 7B episode she won’t appear in looks to be the only one so far in the season (and the whole series for that matter) that the dance instructor is absent.

She was present in the first episode filmed for Dance Moms Season 7B, where the girls competed at the Fierce National Dance Competition in Anaheim, California. She was also around for the Sheer Talent Competition in Phoenix, Arizona, which took place just last week.

Allen’s comment was taken to mean that Miller is leaving the series for good. However, it could also simply indicate that the star only “left” the cast for that specific episode only. After all, it takes place a day after her now-postponed second sentencing.

Miller has been dealing with her legal problems in the past few days while she has also been traveling outside the United States for projects related to Dance Moms. The reality star is facing possible imprisonment after pleading guilty to 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud and one count of a currency report violation.

A promotional image for Dance Moms Season 7 [Image by Lifetime]

Her second and final sentencing was supposed to take place last February 24. However, Deadline says that the Dance Moms star’s hearing was pushed back by a federal judge in Pittsburgh to March 8.

Pittsburgh’s Action News, however, is now reporting that it was delayed all the way to May 8. Whatever day the sentencing will fall, Miller will nonetheless learn there whether she will go to prison or do probation, which her legal team is aiming for.

If it comes down to the former, Miller will face up to two and a half years of prison time. Thus, she won’t be able to appear on Dance Moms should it push through. The show’s survival should she go to jail will be up in the air too.

For now, however, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. What fans can count on at the moment is that the first two episodes of Dance Moms Season 7B will feature Miller.

Chloe Lukasiak, who appeared along with her mother Christi in the Season 7 midseason finale, is also returning in the second and third episode. In fact, she competed for ALDC’s rival team, Murrieta Dance Project (MDP), in these installments.

Dance Moms Season 7B will premiere later this year on Lifetime.


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