‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Raven Gates Big Secret Revealed

Tonight on The Bachelor 2017 the viewers will only get to see one hour. This show is going to be the start of the overnight dates. They have been teasing that Raven Gates has a big secret to reveal and now Reality Steve has been able to confirm what this secret is and what will happen tonight. This is not something that anyone could have ever guessed.

One thing that happens tonight isn’t about Raven. Andi Dorfman will show up to talk to Nick, but it isn’t so she can win him back. Instead, she will give him some advice and talk to him about his time on the show. This won’t be near as big of a deal as they make it out to be in the previews.

Raven Gates will get her overnight date tonight. Nick and Raven go to a local pub in Finland where they play darts with locals. The rest of the date will be all about the overnight part. It will end tonight with them kissing and pick back up with the rest of Nick and Raven’s date next week.

It has already been teased that tonight Raven Gates will reveal a big secret to Nick. Her secret will be that she has only had sex with one person and it was her ex she was serious with. Raven isn’t a virgin, but she very inexperienced in the bedroom department. Raven will also reveal that she has never had an orgasm. This isn’s something a lot of people would share on national television, but Raven isn’t holding back. Nick and Raven will go to the fantasy suite, and she does tell him that she loves him.

Next week, you will see Raven Gates really happy after their date. She will say that “Nick is a man of his word.” They will make it look like Raven had sex with Nick and had her first orgasm, but nobody knows if that is what happened or not. This could get talked about later, but on the show, they will just make it look like it happened.

Everyone can’t wait to see if Raven Gates is the one Nick Viall picks in the end. Glamour shared not long ago that Raven recently got honest about why she decided to go on The Bachelor in the first place. Here is what she had to say.

“My parents have been married for 30 years, so I have really high expectations for love. And somebody that’s going on national television is really ready for love and has their stuff together when they are looking for a wife. I think I’m a little crazy and a little too excited, but it’s going to be awesome!”

Raven shared that when she first applied she had just come out of a terrible breakup. She actually submitted herself for the show. Sometimes people are submitted by a friend or family member. This was something out of her comfort zone, but she went for it, and now everyone will see if she finds love with Nick or not. If Raven doesn’t win, it is possible that she will end up on Bachelor in Paradise.

Are you shocked to hear what Raven Gates secret is? Do you think that she should have revealed this on reality television? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the one-hour episode of The Bachelor tonight on ABC.

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