John Oliver Thinks Republicans’ Depiction Of Obamacare Borders On Obscenity

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver thinks the Republican answer to Obamacare has become about as obscene as the sight of your dad sporting thong underwear.

The picture Oliver painted stemming from the Trump administration’s ongoing push to totally repel the Affordable Care Act during the latest episode of his HBO-aired show wasn’t a pretty one, and now he insists he’s seen enough.

Throughout the night, Oliver took great exception with Republicans have dubbed the law the “worse piece of legislation ever.”

Just the same, the GOP-controlled House and Senate have both passed budget resolutions aimed at repelling Obamacare, which now assures more than 20 million additional Americans health care insurance on some level.

That paradox left Oliver convinced too many are transfixed over what the law is known as, opposed to what good it is serving to the masses.

“It goes to show you that it matters what people call something,” he said. “Would Emma Stone be as popular if her real name was Blump Shartcracker? No, that’s why it’s good that she changed it.”

While admitting that the ACA could still use a few tweaks and improvements, Oliver argued Republicans should be focused on figuring out ways to make that happen and not obliterating the start of what a growing number of people appear to think is a good thing.

“Every time you get near something resembling a Republican plan it seems to just recede into the distance,” he added of the seven-page long draft bill GOP leaders are rumored to be internally circulating. “If your spouse gave you a birthday card that said [placeholder] that would not signal they were working on the best language to address their feelings for you, that would signal they forgot your birthday.”

John Oliver performs at the Post-Election Evening to Benefit Montclair Film Festival at NJ Performing Arts Center on November 19, 2016, in Newark, New Jersey. [Image by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

The host likewise took exception with the GOP-endorsed notion of small refundable tax credits being used to help people pay off insurance premiums.

“A tax credit that small helps cover your health insurance the way a thong covers your dad’s a**,” reasoned Oliver. “It doesn’t and there’s something fundamentally wrong about that.”

Oliver pointed to the growing level of dissent being voiced at town halls across the country by those most concerned about all of a sudden being vulnerable all over again when it comes to health care coverage.

“So tonight, let’s look at ObamaCare: what it does, what needs fixing, and how Republicans plan to replace it,” he said, before taking everyone back to the days before the bill became the law of the land.

Among its biggest pluses, the law abolished the practice of denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and allows children to remain on the plan of their parents up until the age of 26.

Oliver called GOP leaders dogged tendencies of only pointing to the negative aspects of the law while working to undermine the entire system “something of a pattern.”

He insisted that is no longer acceptable and the time is now for the recently empowered Trump and company to present a plan of their own, adding the talking points about tax credits and the like previously uttered by high-ranking party leaders Paul Ryan and Tom Price offer some clue as to what that might be.

Donald Trump at Republican debates. [Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

“Republicans are in a real bind here,” Oliver said. “They need a plan, and soon. And what Price and Ryan have given them so far seems to shift costs from the government to the people, and from the healthy to the sick, and fewer people are going to be covered.”

Oliver has previously skewered Trump as a “pathological liar,” who since taking office has made it clear that “reality is not important to him.”

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