WWE Rumors: 5 Superstars Who Can Be The Fourth Member Of Triple H’s New Faction

WWE rumors suggest that the company is planning something big for the RAW brand, and possibly Triple H would be responsible for the same by creating a new faction, something along the lines of Evolution.

The original Evolution comprised of Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and a young Randy Orton. Since the rumors of Triple H forming a new faction broke out, there has been wide speculation on the possible members.

Latest WWE rumors shed some light and nearly confirm the three members of the new faction. Triple H would take the role that Ric Flair held in the original Evolution, Kevin Owens who is the current Universal champion will be a lot like The Game, and Samoa Joe could have a role similar to that of Batista, beating down other superstars, as reported by ComicBook.

The fourth member of the Triple H’s new faction has not been revealed yet. Here is a look at five superstars who could possibly become the fourth member of the new faction.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is one the top female wrestlers in the WWE at present and considering the fact that she is Ric Flair’s daughter, her chances of being the fourth member are quite high.

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Charlotte’s inclusion will result in a Flair being back in the Evolution. Nothing will connect the new faction to the original Evolution better than Charlotte.

WWE rumors suggest that the company can include Charlotte as the fourth member to further revolutionize the women’s wrestling and to give more in-ring fights to her.

Bobby Roode

WWE rumors suggest that there is a possibility of Bobby Roode being a part of Triple H’s new Evolution. Roode is definitely one of the most glorious Superstars of NXT and in a way resembles Triple H during his prime.

A section of WWE fans want Roode to be a part of the main roster. For the company, it makes sense as he can help WWE in capitalizing on his NXT’s success.

At 40 years of age, Roode cannot be the top attraction at the main roster but can certainly help the company with the mid-card title scene.

Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne debuted last week at the NXT winning against Mark Andrews. Dunne is known for his work at the UK Championship Tournament held by WWE last month.

Dunne is known for winning matches at any cost and even jumping opponents before the match, a trait that could make him suitable as the fourth member of Triple H’ s new evolution.

Peter Dunne’s age also suggests a role similar to the one held by Randy Orton in the original Evolution. Orton was in his early twenties and was the youngest member of the group.

Finn Balor

Finn Balor has been out of action since his injury at the SummerSlam last year, but WWE rumors of his return at the Wrestlemania33 have surfaced time and again.

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Finn Balor has been Triple H’s biggest NXT signing to date and has received much credit for making NXT a brand that it is today.

In terms of in-ring abilities, Balor has a completely different style than both Owens and Joe. His inclusion will certainly help in creating a dynamic new faction.


Rusev has had a lot of ups and downs in the past few years. Since losing his title, there has been no clear direction for him, and WWE rumors suggest that he would be included in the new faction to give a new life to his character.

He has been considered as one of the top stars for WWE in past few years. Since his debut on the main roster in April 2014, Rusev has held The United States Champion title for a considerable amount of time before losing it to John Cena and later to Roman Reigns.

Triple H’s new faction can greatly benefit from the inclusion of a young wrestler like Rusev. It will also give WWE a new option of a superstar who can focus on the mid-card title on RAW.

Who will be the fourth member of Triple H’s new faction? Let us know your views in the comment section below.

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