‘The Voice’: Adam Levine & Blake Shelton Receive Backlash For Quitting Talk

The Voice coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton recently discussed quitting the NBC show, and fans aren’t happy.

Both Adam and Blake recently revealed what they see happening to The Voice should they both quit the series in a candid new interview, and it’s safe to say many fans weren’t too happy about Levine and Shelton – who have appeared on every single season of the show since it first began in 2011 – discussing the possibility of quitting.

After Adam recently claiming that quitting the show one day is “inevitable” during the Yahoo! interview, The Voice fans were quick to hit back at the veteran coaches by letting the show’s producers know that if there comes a day that Adam and Blake are no longer sitting on the coaching panel they have no plans to keep tuning in.

The comments section of the article lit up with fans ready to throw in their two cents when it came to Levine and Shelton’s quitting talk, urging the veteran coaches to stick with the series.

“I personally hope Adam and Blake never leave The Voice mainly because they are The Voice and made it what it is… successful,” one fan commented on the article, while another wrote of Levine and Shelton’s recent comments, “If Blake and Adam leave, so will I. I really only watch it anymore to see them bicker like an old married couple.”

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“When they leave… I leave!” another The Voice fan wrote after Adam and Blake both discussed quitting, while another reader added, “If Blake or Adam left I would probably quit watching. Those two bantering back and forth make it fun to watch.”

The Voice viewers also took to social media to make it known that they weren’t too happy to hear Levine and Shelton hint at quitting the show, with some urging NBC to confirm if Levine and Shelton’s futures are safe amid swirling rumors both could be considering quitting after Season 12.

“@NBCTheVoice Please definitively stomp the Adam & Blake quitting rumors,” Twitter user @HavenPea wrote on the 140-character site amid the flurry of rumors and backlash that have followed Adam and Blake amid rumors they may be ready to quit. “No one would watch [without] them. Need clear statement from network!”

Notably, both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton got candid about one day quitting The Voice in the recent Yahoo! interview, even picking out their own replacements for when they do eventually leave their red spinning chairs while Levine confirmed that he will never take a season off and will instead leave the show.

“I will tell you this much: I will never take a season off,” Levine said in the interview when asked about quitting The Voice. “If I take a season off, it will be for every season thereafter, in perpetuity, for the rest of my life,” Adam admitted.

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But while Adam then opted for Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake while Blake chose David Lee Roth as possible replacements amid rumors Season 12 could possibly be their last on The Voice, Adam did appear to hint during an interview with Ryan Seacrest on February 14 that claims the upcoming season will be his last may not be completely accurate.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to say,” Levine said when asked about the quitting rumors by Seacrest on his popular morning radio show amid reports The Voice could allegedly be planning an all-female coaching lineup for Season 13, potentially pushing Levine and Shelton out of their seats.

Though Levine didn’t officially stomp out the rumors by admitting he’s definitely planning to stay for at least one more season and didn’t comment on the Shelton quitting talk, Adam did add, “I’m pretty sure that’s all nonsense.”

The Voice quitting rumors first started in November after Radar Online alleged that both Levine and Shelton were supposedly contemplating leaving this year, while the site also claimed that a big reason Adam supposedly may not want to return for Season 13 of The Voice is because he doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with Miley Cyrus, who is so far the only confirmed coach for 2017’s second round of shows.

What do you think of The Voice fans threatening to no longer watch the show when Adam Levine and Blake Shelton inevitably move on and quit?

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