‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Who Will Be The One To Rescue Sam And Baby Scout?

The JaSam baby could be on its way this week on General Hospital but there is, of course, plenty of drama before that happens. Sam Morgan is in trouble, thanks to Olivia Jerome. She has pushed the expectant mother over the bridge and now Sam and her unborn child’s life hangs in the balance. Will she be saved before little Scout is born? Who will be the one who will get to her first?

At the end of Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Sam started having pains. She looks to be in early stages of labor and is worried that something bad will happen to her and Jason’s baby. There is a desperate search to find her now that Jason has finally realized that his wife is missing. Alexis will also be frantic as, according to Soaps She Knows, she will get a shock when she learns that her trusty AAA sponsor is actually the one and only Olivia Jerome.

This is all part of Liv’s plan to get revenge on Julian by attacking his family that he loves so much. She is apparently the one who has been pulling her brother’s strings and when he chose to try to double cross her, she is now out to make him pay. General Hospital viewers had seen Liv driving Sam to the bridge and then held her at gunpoint. Once Sam tried to grab the gun away, she was pushed by Liv and took the plunge to the bottom, She is now fighting to protect her baby’s life.

Maybe it was just a lack of judgment due to pregnancy hormones, but Sam ended up in the car with Liv, even though she had a feeling something was up. However, Liv probably would have just pulled the gun out sooner and forced her to take a drive with her anyway.

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Now comes the search for Sam Morgan and baby Scout. Jason is on the trail to find her and fans are hoping that he will eventually be the one to rescue his family, but Julian is also aware that his daughter is missing, and he knows that his sis has her. He could figure out what happened to Sam and the baby, but General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central say that Liv ends up gaining the upper hand once again with Julian.

He is trying to outsmart her, but it hasn’t happened yet. Some have speculated that Julian will end up spilling everything to Jason and they work together to find Sam. However, there is yet another strange rumor going around that it is really Franco Baldwin who discovers a very pregnant Sam at the bottom of the bridge fighting for her life and rescues her. That scenario certainly doesn’t sit well with JaSam fans at all. He could actually deliver the baby before he gets them to the hospital. That would definitely be quite a twist.

Sam hates Franco for making her think that he raped her years ago. Even though he has tried to redeem himself and ask for her forgiveness, Sam will not forgive him. Will this bring the redemption that Franco seeks from Sam? The spoilers do mention that Jason and Franco will have a confrontation. Will it be over Sam or Elizabeth?

Whoever finds her and Scout this week on General Hospital, it will most likely prove to be dramatic. If she is in true labor, fans may just see Scout coming into the world and into Sam and Jason’s arms. This is exactly what JaSam fans have been waiting for.

Once Sam is rescued and back home safely, spoilers say that she and Jason will be bracing themselves for news. It is more than likely to be about baby Scout’s fate after the fall off the bridge.

Who do you think will ultimately rescue Sam and Scout on General Hospital this week?

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