‘Dragon Ball Super’ Rumors: Tournament Leading To Omni-King Vs. Omni-King Fight?

Dragon Ball Super is well into the Universe Survival Arc, and the plot of the anime is getting thicker than ever. With the revelations in DBS Episode 80 in mind, it appears that Goku’s universe, U7, has been set for destruction for a long time by the God of Everything. Interestingly, this appears to be out of character for the original Omni-King, who was introduced earlier on in the series. Thus, it appears that the Universe Survival Arc might not only feature battles between fighters. It might feature battles between the gods as well.

When the Omni-King was first introduced in the Champa arc, the nature of the god was that of playful innocence. While it was revealed that he wiped out numerous universes in the past, it was also mentioned that he did so simply because he was annoyed. Considering this, it appears that while the original Omni-King was capable of destruction, he only ravaged universes when he was emotionally compromised. Overall, while his destructive capability is frightening, his reactions are similar to that of a child.

This appears to be vastly different to the Omni-Kings that were featured in the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super, however. As revealed in DBS Episode 80, the two Zenos have decided that there were too many universes in existence, and thus, some of them must be destroyed. These particular actions no longer reflect that of a childlike god. Instead, it reflects someone with a far more conniving nature.

Since the original Omni-King appeared to be a neutral god at best, the notable changes that were observed by fans in the gods over the last two episodes might very well foreshadow a conflict between the present-day and future Zenos. After all, while the present-day Zeno is a god who could destroy, the Zeno from the future, as proven in the Future Trunks arc, is one who actually annihilates life as a first resort. With this in mind, it seems that a confrontation between the two Omni-Kings might very well happen before the Universe Survival Arc definitively ends.

The possible conflict between the two Omni-Kings appears to have been foreshadowed by Dragon Ball Super‘s new opening theme. During the anime’s new intro, the two Omni-Kings were featured in two contrasting color palettes. In anime, this particular symbolism usually signifies a vast difference in the nature of the two characters. Thus, from the clues left in the anime, at least, it seems like the difference between present-day Zeno and future Zeno would be made evident during the Tournament of Power.

Numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit have noted that the Grand Priest, the father of angels such as Whis and Vados, appear to be pulling some strings and possibly manipulating one of the Omni-Kings. The Tournament of Power’s stipulation of having no angels die even if their respective universes are destroyed all but confirm these speculations. With this in mind, it appears that the conflict between the two Zenos might very well be orchestrated by none other than the Grand Priest himself. He does not, after all, possess any of the childlike qualities present in the original Omni-King.

If this does happen, Dragon Ball Super would definitely outdo itself. With the introduction of gods like Beerus, the franchise has expanded significantly. With a conflict at the level of the gods, the anime would most likely break new ground in storytelling and scope. It would be extremely interesting to see how much of an impact the Z fighters would have in a conflict of such scale, however, considering that the Omni-Kings possess limitless power. Nevertheless, the premise of a universal battle in the level of the gods is an interesting concept and one that could definitely be pulled off by Dragon Ball Super.


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