‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle’s Identity Revealed, Could She Be Gone Soon?

General Hospital fans want to know who Nelle is, and what she is up to. Carly likes her, but something is going on, and Nelle is out to get her. She actually came to town just so she could get revenge on Carly. There is a lot of speculation about who she is now that a few details about Nelle on General Hospital are starting to come out. Celeb Dirty Laundry shared about how Felicia is bringing the answers to Bobbie, and they are figuring out who Nelle is slowly.

Nelle actually revealed to Felicia that she is not from Atlanta like she said, but is really from Florida. On General Hospital, Nelle had no clue that Felicia was working for Bobbie. Spoilers are that Felicia is going to find out that Nelle’s last name isn’t Hayes like she has been saying. Carly was actually raised in Atlanta by her adoptive mother. Nelle is definitely Josslyn Jacks’ donor even though everyone was a bit unsure about that at first as well. It sounds like she was a great match and that part of her story is true.

It looks like Bobbie is going to figure out what is going on with Nelle on General Hospital, but when all is revealed Carly won’t believe her at first. Carly really cares about Nelle. She already mailed an envelope to Carly trying to get revenge, but next week she will do what she can to try to catch the envelope for Carly gets a hold of it.

It sounds like it will be revealed that Nelle is actually Carly’s sister, but not by blood. Felicia’s evidence is going to actually link Nelle to Frank Benson, the man that was married to Virginia. He was Carly’s adoptive father. If this is true, Nelle is still able to date Michael if they want to. She has been pushing him away for some reason, but Nelle might not even understand all of the specifics on their relationship.

Two months ago, Soap Hub shared rumors that Nelle could be Carly’s daughter on General Hospital, but now it is starting to sound like that won’t be what is revealed. A lot of people were convinced that this was the case. It is obvious that Nelle is connected to Carly and all is about to be revealed. They have dragged this storyline out long enough.

Once Nelle’s true identity is revealed, this will make it where the character isn’t really needed on General Hospital anymore. A lot of the time they will have a character like this just go away. Nelle could end up leaving town once she feels like she is done. If Nelle decides that she wants to date Michael, then she might end up sticking around for a while. There is always the chance that Nelle could turn up dead as well, but you never know. Only time will tell what she is going to end up doing. It looks like this story is finally going to all come out very soon. The Inquisitr also shared that there was a bit of speculation she could be A.J. Quartermaine’s daughter.

What do you think is going on with Nelle on General Hospital? Do you think it is time for her to leave Port Charles? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital on weekdays on ABC. This week is going to be full of information on Nelle, and the truth may finally come out about who she is, and what she is doing in Port Charles. General Hospital is always going to bring the drama.

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