Amazon Prime News: What’s Coming In March 2017

Amazon Prime has a few surprises in store for subscribers in March 2017, but it pales in comparison to the host of titles being released on Netflix next month. But there are some Amazon Prime Originals coming in March of 2017 that a few people may really want to see.

Although the host of titles available on Amazon Prime in March 2017 is a small list, there are some titles that fit into the premium category that fans might want to check out. That incudes Season 2 of Hand of God, Season 4 of Orphan Black, and the Amazon Prime Original, Gimme Danger.

There is also some horror in the Amazon Prime list for March 2017. That includes Hannibal, What We Do In The Shadows and Vampire In Brooklyn. But horror fans should know that Amazon Prime has been disabling content from horror films lately due to horror violence and content that they deem inappropriate. You can read about that at the bottom of this article.

Although this list for March 2017 on Amazon Prime is quite small, customers should remember that Amazon Video offers video a-la-carte for those who want to pay extra to receive more premium content. Amazon has an extensive library with thousands of titles that can be purchased through the video streaming platform.

The list below for Amazon Prime subscribers details what titles in movies and TV will be available next month and their corresponding dates, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Available March 1

Nine Lives


What We Do in the Shadows: Features a comedy troupe based out of New Zealand that have found a special breed of humor in this mockumentary-style comedy film that uses a found-footage technique of filming. It features four vampires who share an apartment and they have invited in a documentary film crew in to capture the true essence of their lives in 21st Century Europe. The interactions and situations that arise between the vampires make for some of the best and most uproarious comedy ever featured in the horror genre as they intermingle with werewolves, zombies, and ancient ex-girlfriends.


Hannibal: The original film that served as a follow-up sequel to the 1994 classic horror movie, The Silence of the Lambs. The film picks up with events that occurred after the escape of Hannibal Lecter, with Anthony Hopkins returning to reprise the titular role and Julianne Moore replacing Jodie Foster in the role of Clarice Starling.


The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

The Gambler

Charlie Bartlett

Vampire in Brooklyn: Features Eddie Murphy playing the role of an ancient vampire who travels to Brooklyn to find a mate he has searched centuries for. The film plays out kind of like Dracula, just with some role reversals. Although the film is a horror movie, it still plays out with high levels of comedy.

Available March 2

The Dressmaker


Available March 3

Annedroids Season 3

Available March 8

The Americans season 5 (available on Amazon Video)

Available March 10

Hand of God Season 2

Available March 11

Churchill’s Secret

Available March 14

Patriot’s Day (available on Amazon Video)

Available March 16

Orphan Black Season 4

Amazon Prime Horror Alert:

There have also been recent reports from independent horror filmmakers that Amazon Prime has been censoring their films, or rather simply pulling them from the Amazon Prime platform.

That does not mean that they have been taken off of Amazon Video or been edited for content, but rather off of the Amazon Prime video-streaming buffet platform that makes them available to all subscribers.

These reports come from John Lepper, who runs the horror news website The Blood Shed, and he also runs a video streaming website for independent horror filmmakers called I Bleed Indie. Apparently, Amazon Prime has been sending these independent horror filmmakers e-mails notifying them of the actions to take down their content due to horror violence.

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