WWE News: Former Talent Reveals What John Cena Is Really Like Backstage

When fans watch WWE superstars on television, or even in person, they often wonder if the good nature or evil ways are who they really are in person. It’s hard to imagine that it is all acting and that someone can really be as cruel as Triple H or as goody-two-shoes as Hulk Hogan during his babyface days. Well, that question has often been asked of John Cena and one former WWE talent has revealed what the 16-time world champion is really like backstage.

For many years, fans have watched John Cena be the hero and face of the company while always rising to the top and never giving up. He builds up the WWE Universe and lets them know he will lead them and move forward together against the bad guys of the world.

Cena is a leader. Cena is a strong-willed man who always knows how to hustle, have loyalty, and show respect. Cena is a man who is a powerful force that always lets you know when he is in a room, but is he really that way?

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Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia recently took part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit and fans asked her a wide array of questions. She answered anything that came her way, and that included questions about numerous wrestling superstars.

Garcia was asked about the personas of the superstars she has been around and which one star had a gimmick/persona that differed the most from who they are in real life. In a bit of a shocking reveal, Garcia said that it was John Cena.

“I think I’d have to say John Cena, in that when he’s out there — the big, and animated, just bigger than life persona… backstage, he’s quiet and humble and it’s different. Yea, it’s a different persona.”

So, while Cena may be the good guy when he is out on stage or in the ring, and the great person that grants so many wishes for Make-A-Wish families, he is still different. It’s interesting to know that he’s actually quiet and not over-the-top like so many may expect.

From there, though, Garcia wasn’t done as she had one more name in mind and it was another unexpected name.

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While this next name may not be as hard to see as it is with John Cena, it is still strange to imagine Roman Reigns being quiet and keeping to himself.

“Kind of the same with Roman Reigns, very quiet and humble. I’ve noticed that with a lot of guys. They definitely know how to turn on the entertainer switch.”

The real-life personalities of the wrestlers and superstars are some which many people may never get to know. John Cena and Roman Reigns are always going to be who they are on-screen and that means whether in the ring or doing promotional appearances.

But not when in front of those, such as Lilian Garcia.

It isn’t until they are behind the curtain and out of the view of the people that they are able to be who they really are. Lilian Garcia was able to know these men and women backstage, and out of the glare of the spotlights, which allowed her to see who they truly are.

If there is anyone who can talk about the WWE superstars and who they truly are as people, it would be Lilian Garcia. For so long, she was an unbiased voice and one that was never an opponent or enemy to those backstage. John Cena comes off as a truly genuine and good guy, and it appears as if he really is that way, but his on-screen character isn’t all who he really is. Backstage, the demonstrative and over-the-top guy is really much more laid back and calm.

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