‘President Clinton’ Website Touts World Where Hillary Won And ‘Majority Rules’

In an alternative universe, America is living under the reign of President Hillary Clinton, and one website is telling the story of what that might look like. Created to look, feel, and read like a news website from the America where Hillary won, HillaryBeatTrump.org is all fake news all the time, and it is driving conservatives insane with its Trump trolling.

It is unknown who created the website depicting a free world led by President Hillary Clinton; that person (only identified as being a 30-year-old writer) has chosen to remain anonymous. Probably not a bad decision in the new America. However, writing is good, the jabs are sharp and every article is written as though Hillary pulled off the November 8 victory that the left had been hoping for. All in a so-called “safe space” where dreamers can dream of an alternative America not ruled by “alternative facts.”

As RT reports, the site features a header proclaiming “President Hillary Rodham Clinton,” followed by the subheading that appears to be rubbing so many conservatives in America the wrong way, “NEWS FROM THE REAL AMERICA, WHERE THE MAJORITY RULES.”

In the America touted by the new, satirical (think entertainment value, not actual news) President Hillary Clinton website, nothing anti-Trump seems to be off limits. From satirizing the Ivanka Trump clothing debacle (“Ivanka announces new alt-right clothing line: Not your grandfather’s hood”) to articles calling the “news” that Trump won “fake news” perpetuated by Trump supporters on social media.

Also, in the HillaryBeatTrump.org world, the current Supreme Court drama is non-existent. The seat has been filled by an Obama, effectively protecting women’s and LGTBQ rights for a generation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in this alternative universe, is said to have eaten some crow, calling President Clinton to apologize for being a “d**k.”

While many who are still pining away for a real President Hillary are getting some good laughs (and possibly even some free therapy) from the site, Trump supporters and right-wing news outlets have taken the little website that could to task. In fact, some conservative news networks have engaged in finger-pointing, saying that the President Hillary website is tantamount to “fake news.”

Fox News even gave the Hillary site a shout-out on Twitter, resulting in some free publicity for a site that had previously been virtually unheard of.

Unfortunately for the site’s creator, who says they intended the President Hillary Clinton website to be akin to a “joyful middle finger,” more publicity for the alternative America featuring a POTUS Hillary has brought some serious negativity out of the woodwork. As more and more people are learning of the existence of the site, it’s being reported that it has been targeted by hate mail and even threats.

What do you think? Is the President Hillary website a good way for disappointed voters to get their fix without going crazy? Do you approve of the satire, or do you believe it constitutes “fake news”? What are your thoughts on the President Hillary Clinton website, and do you think it will stick around for the long haul of the current Trump presidency?

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