Lisa Vanderpump Shares Her Advice For Scheana Marie’s New Boyfriend

Lisa Vanderpump is like a mother figure to the reality stars on her show Vanderpump Rules. They all work for her at SUR and talk to Lisa about a lot. Now, All About the Tea is sharing that Lisa is giving out her advice for Scheana Marie Shay’s new boyfriend. Scheana recently split from Mike Shay, and she is already moving on.

The Inquisitr shared just last week that Scheana Marie is dating someone new. She is now with Amber Valletta’s younger brother, Robert Valletta, an actor. Scheana has been friends with him for a long time. Lisa Vanderpump says that she hasn’t got the chance to meet him yet, but Andy Cohen got to meet him recently when Scheana was on Watch What Happens Live.

Lisa Vanderpump shared that she knows Scheana will get a hard time for dating so soon after her divorce, but she has no problem with it at all. She thinks that Scheana should have fun and says that life is short and to “screw what everybody else thinks.” Lisa even says that she thinks it was unfair that Mike Shay wasn’t totally honest with Scheana about his sobriety before the two got married.

Scheana Marie Shay is now divorced from Mike Shay and moving on with her life. Lisa feels like she will bounce back just fine considering how young she is and everyone can’t wait to see it all. Mike and Scheana Marie haven’t shared all of their details about the split just yet. It will all air on Vanderpump Rules this season.

Lisa Vanderpump has relationships with all of the people that work for her. She recently fired James Kennedy. Now Bravo is sharing that Lisa Vanderpump recently revealed if she would rather higher back Kristen Doute or Stassi Schroeder at SUR. Both are still on the show, but they just don’t work at her restaurant like they used to. Here is what Lisa had to say.

“Oh no! If I had to, if I really had to, I guess it would be Stassi and that would really pain me to do it. No, Kristen is a better waitress — but Kristen’s in the middle of everything. She’s literally in the middle of everything — including Brittany’s legs. We talked about that.”

After that, Lisa Vanderpump went on to explain a bit more about why she wouldn’t want Kristen back again. She said, “But, I mean, she is in the middle of everything, and so she drives me crazy. But she was a very good waitress.” It sounds like Lisa is hoping that she can keep the drama down at SUR, but with this group of people that is almost impossible to do. Now that James Kennedy and Lala Kent are gone it may get a little bit better for a while, but that won’t last for sure.

As viewers know, right now on Vanderpump Rules Mike and Scheana Marie Shay are still together. It is going to be interesting to watch how their relationship falls apart on the show. Hopefully, they show some of the details instead of just showing they are over and not showing the details. Fans feel like after watching their relationship evolve and their wedding, they are owed knowing a bit about what went wrong.

Are you shocked that Scheana Marie Shay is dating so soon after her divorce? What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump’s advice for her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo.

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