LG G6: Why You Should Consider It

The LG G6 has officially been unveiled, and it is one stunning flagship. While the device is as much a late-2016 premium handset than an early-2017 smartphone, the LG G6 includes a number of features that should warrant serious consideration from smartphone users on the lookout for their next device. Here is a look at some reasons why avid smartphone users should consider purchasing the LG G6.

It’s Plain Stunning

The LG G5 was one good-looking device, and the South Korean tech giant as opted to retain much of the features that made its 2016 one of the most attractive handsets in the mobile market. The LG G6 includes numerous design cues from the LG G5, including its dual rear cameras and a fingerprint sensor mounted at the center. The materials utilized in the device’s frame have been changed as well, from pure metal in the G5 to a combination of metal and glass for the G6, according to Android Authority.

Doing so allows the LG G6 to include wireless charging, a feature that was not available in its predecessors. Unlike the G5, the LG G6 is also not modular, which means that users of the flagship smartphone would not need to deal with numerous parts and accessories in order to keep their devices running. If any, the LG G6 is a very practical device, and it shows in its aesthetic.

The Display is Best in its Class

LG’s flagships have always boasted stunning displays, and the LG G6 is no different. Featuring a 5.7-inch display with 2,880 x 1,440 pixels, the screen of the G6 is one of the best in its class. With the size of the display, the LG G6 has a pin-sharp resolution of 565 pixels per inch, far beyond Apple’s Retina resolution in the iPhone 7 and easily comparable with the best displays that Samsung has to offer.

What really sets apart the LG G6’s display, however, is its unique aspect ratio. With an 18:9 aspect ratio, the screen of the LG G6 is long and narrow when held upright. When turned sideways, however, the LG G6’s display becomes the perfect screen for multitasking, according to a CNET report. This particular feature appears to have been designed specifically by the South Korean tech giant, since the 18:9 ratio would allow two apps to run side-by-side, with each consuming the exact same space on the screen as the other.

Google Assistant Is Present

One of the things about Google’s Pixel phones that used to be exclusive was their inclusion of the search giant’s most powerful A.I.-driven assistant to date, dubbed the Google Assistant. Unfortunately for other manufacturers, the Google Assistant used to be a Pixel-only feature. That is, of course, until now, as the LG G6 comes with the powerful artificial intelligence software built-in. Google Assistant is a bit more powerful than Apple’s popular Siri since it is capable of syncing with smart-home devices such as lights and thermostats.

Considering that the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are far from perfect, the LG G6 is the best alternative in the market for smartphone users looking to sample the search giant’s most advanced voice assistant to date without spending too much. What’s more, the pricing of the LG G6, while unannounced, is speculated to be around the $500 to $600 range, making it a very reasonable bargain when compared to the Google Pixel and even its upcoming rival, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Overall, LG has done very well with the G6. It is a powerful device that retains the South Korean tech giant’s philosophy of making practical devices that are as attractive as they are powerful. While it would no doubt be outgunned by other flagships this year, the LG G6 appears to have been designed to put up a good, long fight.

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