Katt Williams Nearly Cancelled Oakland Show After Being Arrested

Katt Williams was arrested on charges of battery yesterday, and that arrest by Oakland police officers nearly led to the cancellation of his show. Williams was arrested on 3 am Thursday morning after a fight at Kimball’s Carnival in East Oakland. Williams allegedly hit someone in the head with a bottle.

During his arrest, which was caught on video, Katt Williams could be heard saying:

“Call Live Nation … call the radio station … the show’s canceled.”

Katt was referring to his Friday night show at Oakland’s Oracle Arena, a stint that is still going on as planned.

The declaration was an obvious attempt by Williams to make the police officers feel bad about letting down Katt Williams fans, but it didn’t work.

In the video clip, it also appears that the comedian/rapper believes he was outnumbered during the assault. Williams can be heard saying:

“Four dudes … one of me.”

It is hard to take Katt Williams at his word; after all, this is not the first time he has been involved in an altercation in 2012. In September, police were called after Williams allegedly brandished a gun. Police didn’t find the gun on his person, but a search of his vehicle did discover a weapon. Williams was not charged with any crimes during the September incident.

Williams has had other run-ins with the law over battery charges, none of which led to serious charges being filed.

Do you think Katt Williams was trying to use his “star power” to get out of his arrest.

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