20,000 hours and $1 million equals one Batmobile

Dark Knight was one of this year’s best movies bar none and as with all cool movies like this the toys and gadgets were a big part of the show. The biggest of them had to be the famous Batmobile that had us wishing we all could have one to make it through rush hour traffic with.

Well it seems that on industrious Swede with a whole pile of cash decided not to wait for one to come on the market and went about building one of his own. Using a 1973 Lincoln Continental chassis the Batman fan loaded it up with all kinds of gadgetry, including machine guns, rear facing video camera, height-adjustable bodywork and supposedly there’s even a plasma TV in there.

It took three and a half years and over $1 million to build this 700 horsepower dream car. Here’s some pic of it for you as well as a video.

hat tip to DVICE

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