Surface Pro 5 Rumors: Three Features We Need To See

Rumors about the Surface Pro 5 are abounding, but actual details about the upcoming powerhouse hybrid from Microsoft remain scarce. Considering that rumors stating are that the flagship 2-in-1 would see an early 2017 release date, here are three particularly important features that the fans of the device definitely need to see in the Surface Pro 5.

ARM Variant

While the Surface Pro series have always been formidable, the devices have always lagged behind the competition in terms of mobile connectivity. This is one of the reasons why the current iPad Pro, an arguably inferior productivity device compared to the Surface Pro 4, still commands a fairly high market share. With no devices that can connect to the internet without Wi-Fi, the Surface series continues to compete at a disadvantage.

This particular weakness might soon be addressed, however, as Microsoft is rumored to release a variant of the Surface Pro 5 with an ARM chip, according to a Digital Trends report. A short clip recently released on Twitter, which featured Windows 10 running on an ARM processor, appears to confirm this speculation. With an ARM chip, an LTE-capable Surface Pro 5 becomes a very real possibility, and once this happens, it would be very bad news for the SP5’s competitors.

Power, Even More Power

The Surface Pro 4 became such a huge success because it was a revolutionary device that featured the specs of a high-end laptop in a package that fits right in with the sleekest tablets in the market. The device’s reveal, where the Surface Pro 4 was compared not against the iPad, but with the MacBook Air, was pivotal in the hybrid’s eventual success. This, of course, must happen again with the Surface Pro 5. Simply put, the upcoming device must have power. Lots of it.

If rumors are any indication, however, Microsoft would not be sparing any expense in terms of the Surface Pro 5’s specs. Speculations are high that the device would feature Intel’s Kaby Lake Core i5 and i7 processors, up to 16GB of RAM, USB Type-C and a 4K display, according to a TechRadar report. These specs are rumored to be paired with an improved Surface Keyboard and a revamped Surface Pen. Once more, these specs would make the Surface Pro 5 a more worthy rival to the 2016 MacBook, instead of the upcoming iPad Pro 2.

A Bigger, Better Battery

What really annoyed a lot of Surface Pro 4 users was the fact that while the device performed beautifully, it simply did not have enough juice to last a whole day. Overall, the SP4 was a runaway success, but it quickly gained the reputation of being a powerful, sleek device with very poor battery life. With the Surface Pro 5, this particular stigma must be completely addressed and removed.

Fortunately, rumors are high that the Surface Pro 5 would, unlike its predecessor, be packing a very capable battery unit. While details about the upcoming device’s battery are scarce, speculations indicate that the upcoming hybrid would most likely feature a battery that would enable the Surface Pro 5 to last around 10 hours without charging. Considering that the device would most likely be compared against Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, a 10-hr battery life seems appropriate.

Much of the Surface Pro 5 remains a mystery, with details about the device being hidden by the tech giant extremely well. As the rumored Spring 2017 announcement date of the Surface Pro 5 approaches, however, speculations about the device have begun trickling in at a steady stream. From what could be determined so far, the SP5 would, just like its predecessors, be a formidable device that is capable of moving past its class and compete against the performance of full-fledged productivity devices. If these rumors prove true, 2017 might very well be yet another successful year for Microsoft.

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