Nintendo Switch: Can You Beat Retro Gamer John Cena On The ‘1-2-Switch’?

Yesterday a WWE Superstar, today a pro Nintendo Switch-er. John Cena shares his gamer history and favorite Nintendo Switch game.

We’re just a few more days from the Nintendo Switch official release date and as of now, Forbes reported that it’s next to impossible to pre-order those bad boys because Nintendo Switch pre-orders are sold out almost everywhere. It looks like the suspense and the promos are kicking off the Nintendo Switch quite well—that or Nintendo just failed to produce enough Nintendo Switch units, considering the flop that was the Nintendo Wii U.

As of writing, Eurogamer reported 12 games will release with the Nintendo Switch on the 3rd of March, with only three Nintendo titles, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1-2-Switch, and Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!

From all these titles, WWE Superstar and new Nintendo Switch ambassador (of sorts) John Cena shares his favorite Nintendo Switch game.

Mic reports that Nintendo Switch is partnering with John Cena to go around the U.S. and hold pop-up invite-only Nintendo Switch Events. The last event, where Nintendo Switch erected an Aspen pop-up in the middle of the California desert, saw John Cena and his new favorite Nintendo game—and no, internet, it’s not Miitomo.

Talking to Mashable, John Cena shared that as a professional WWE wrestler that’s always on traveling and moving around, Nintendo Switch is a welcome addition to his mobile gaming since he only plays games on his tablet nowadays.

“1-2-Switch is a game made for a dude like me—I love it. It’s something that is very social and I think it’s really something that can be enjoyed by anyone.

“That’s a game that you want to get together with friends as adults and have a fun party night where everybody just flies off the handle — 1-2-Switch is built for that. What a fun way to spend an evening with a bunch of crazy adults having coffee or tea or whatever adult beverages you want to have.”

1-2-Switch is an upcoming party game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, which will offer 28 different mini games that utilize the motion sensors, infrared sensors, and HD rumble of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

Some of the 1-2-Switch‘s interesting mini games are Milk, which uses gestures and buttons to milk a virtual cow; Ball Counting, where players guess how many balls are rolling around inside a virtual box using the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble feature; and Baby, where you get to play house and rock a baby to sleep on the Switch’s Handheld mode.

Have fun with your friends on the Nintendo Switch’s 1-2-Switch [Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Nintendo of America]

When asked, however, John Cena reveals that his favorite 1-2-Switch games are Quick Draw, which resembles a cowboy showdown; and the quirkier Runway, where you get to play model by strutting down the runway and posing to musical cues.

John Cena playing Quick Draw [Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Nintendo of America]

And, of course, just like every juicy interview, Mashable had to prod John Cena which 1-2-Switch game he’d like to play with his current nemesis, Bray Wyatt.

For those who lived under a rock this February, Bray Wyatt just stole the WWE World Championship title from John Cena at the Elimination Chamber this month, and this has left John Cena in quite a vengeful mood.

“I would pick Fake Draw[to play against Bray Wyatt] and I will tell you why. Because Bray Wyatt talks a lot — and I know I’ve been talking your ear off about video games in this interview — but if you listen to Bray Wyatt speak on SmackDown, he talks a lot, and he’s very prophetic when he talks and I think he gets caught up in his own words a lot. At Fake Draw, you really have to listen.

“Bray Wyatt is very skilled in the ring, but he’s also one who likes to hear his own voice, and I think as far as Fake Draw is concerned, he would either fire early — which is a problem for some dudes, not for me — or he just wouldn’t be paying attention and I would be able to beat him to the draw.”

John Cena revealed that his gamer self goes a long way back, back to the time 8-bit games of the ’80s home console boom.

“I’m a relic from a bygone era. If I were to walk around in my game personality, I would be an 8-bit graphic interface. That was my sweet spot.

“That was my youth, man, I was at the right age when the Nintendo explosion happened in ’84/’85. I got my first 8-bit system in ’85 so I remember Nintendo Power subscriptions. I remember when The Wizard came out — they showcased the Power Glove for the first time. I remember losing in Track and Field to a kid who had the NES Advantage [controller] and the turbo button and I was blown away. He should’ve been tested for PEDs because he had the unfair controller.”

Apart from the “gold-cartridge Zelda” that John Cena loved from the old ’80s NES, he also lists Tecmo Super Bowl, Baseball Stars, Castlevania, Ghosts and Goblins, Ninja Gaiden, Ikari Warriors, Metal Gear, Super Mario Bros., and Urban Champion as his favorites.

This is why John Cena, alongside you retro game fans, will be pleased to know that Trusted Reviews confirmed that one NES or SNES title will be downloadable on the Nintendo Switch per month.

Nintendo Switch will release worldwide on March 3, 2017.

[Featured image by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Nintendo of America]

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