Tom Cruise Not Planning To Reconnect With Suri After Three-Year Absence

The death of Tom Cruise’s mother reportedly inspired him to re-evaluate his priorities in life and consider reconnecting with Suri Cruise, but sadly, the Mummy actor still appears undecided.

It’s been three years since he last spent some time with his child with Katie Holmes. According to In Touch via Gossip Cop, the Mission Impossible actor wants to regain his role as a father to Suri.

“Tom now wants to re-establish his relationship with his daughter and begin seeing her on a regular basis. Tom realizes he has an incredible amount of time to make up with Suri, but he’s willing to do what it takes.”

As his first step, Tom will reportedly tell Katie “through their handlers and attorneys that he wants to see Suri within the next few weeks” and that he will “ramp up his relationship with her in a big way.”

However, Gossip Cop declares the report inaccurate.

Many were taken aback when Tom opted to distance himself from his daughter. After all, he used to spoil her with holiday feasts and VIP trips to Disney parks.

Some speculate that it’s because of Scientology, which branded Katie as a “suppressive person” after her highly-publicized divorce from Tom in July 2012. Since members are not allowed to have connections with persons labelled as such, Tom’s relationship with Suri has been affected as well.

Nonetheless, the Dawson’s Creek actress is doing her best to give Suri a remarkable childhood. She even has a self-imposed curfew of 10 p.m. because it is significant for her to be a present mother for Suri.

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Photos of Katie and Suri going on dates are fairly common. She not only regularly picks up Suri from school but also takes the youngster’s friends to ice cream dates or theme park dates.

Earlier this month, Katie brought Suri and two nephews to the Pacific Park in Santa Monica, California. She shared a series of photos from the trip including one showing Suri and her cousins walking along the beach.

Katie enjoyed a normal childhood in Toledo, Ohio with her four siblings. According to the Daily Beast, she wants the same conventional upbringing for Suri.

“Katie saw all of her nieces and nephews going to school and having normal childhoods and she realized she wanted her daughter to have a normal childhood as well.”

Last year, Katie revealed that Suri is her inspiration for her directorial debut, All We Had, which was based on Annie Weatherwax’s novel. “I know myself better because of her,” she gushed.

Katie is in a relationship with Jamie Foxx. It is unknown when the romance started, although the two have been friends since 2004 when Jamie worked with Tom in Collateral.

The pair makes it a point to keep their relationship away from the public’s eye. When Katie recently celebrated her birthday, the Django Unchained actor reportedly shelled out $35,000 to bring her to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Apart from hiring a private jet, the pair stayed in a secluded villa which can only be accessed through a pathway not available to other guests.

The couple’s relationship was likewise made public last New Year’s Eve in Miami. Onlookers reported seeing the two “holding hands while walking near the pool.”

A Hollywood Life insider further said that “Katie’s life now, compared to back then, is like night and day — and she is so much happier!”

Things are serious between Katie and Jamie but the two are not rushing to get married. What’s important is that Suri appreciates “living a simple, regular life” and that Jamie treats her as his own.

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