‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chloe’s Insight on Nicole/Holly Kidnapping

Long time Days of Our Lives actress Nadia Bjorlin tells her character Chloe’s side of the story in the Holly/Nicole kidnapping.

The Backstory: Why Nicole Kidnaps Holly

Nicole kidnapped her biological baby from surrogate mom Chloe. Of course, Nicole feels justified because after all Holly is her own flesh and blood and Chloe was supposed to give the baby to her best friend Nicole at birth. The baby was Nicole and Daniel’s biologically, and Chloe was to carry their child for them. However, in typical Days of Our Lives fashion Daniel died and in steps Deimos. Chloe feels that she can never give Holly up to Nicole, now that she has the unscrupulous Deimos in her life and turns to the court seeking sole custody of Holly.

Nicole feels that she has been pushed into a corner and that she had no choice but to take matters into her own hands when a judge rules in Chloe’s favor that Holly would be better of with her surrogate mom. Nicole breaks up with Deimos and pitches up at Chloe’s door begging to be allowed to see her biological daughter, Holly. In the meantime, Chloe has plans to leave for New York and refuses to let Nicole see her child. Chloe thinks it would be better for everybody involved if they just moved on with their lives. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry’s Days of Our Lives spoilers At this point, Nicole feels that the only way she will be able to hold Holly in her arms again is if she kidnaps baby Holly.

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Chloe’s Side of the Story

Days of Our Lives star Nadia Bjorlin provides valuable insight into the psyche of Chloe in the whole surrogacy, court and kidnapping debacle. Chloe has a heart, that is after all the reason why she agreed to be a surrogate mother in the first place. She was not left untouched by not giving the baby back to Nicole. According to Soap Hub Days of Our Lives spoilers, the judge agreeing with her point of view justifies her not returning Holly to Nicole.

“Now that court has agreed with her, it’s sort of given Chloe more confidence and strengthened her resolve to keep Holly.

“The judge ruling in Chloe’s favor validated the point that she’s been trying to make all along, which is that Holly is safer with her.”

At the back of Chloe’s mind was a lingering voice making her feel guilty about withholding Holly from Nicole. However, Nadia explains that Chloe’s mind is telling her that she has made the right decision in the best interests of baby Holly.

“Nicole has fallen for a person who is dangerous with criminal attachments.

“She’s been arrested and is constantly making bad decisions. So Chloe has got to do what she feels is right. Chloe is heartbroken that she’s had to go to these extremes and that it all turned out like this. It’s a pretty horrible situation.”

Nicole Goes To Extreme Lengths To Keep Her Baby

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When Chloe sees Nicole at her door, begging and pleading to see Holly she refuses that mother and daughter spend time together. She feels that it would be easier for all parties involved if they part amicably no without a dramatic goodbye taking place.

“It would be too difficult for everyone involved… It would be like rubbing salt in the wound. Chloe would rather just make a clean break.”

Nadia reveals that the other reason why she refuses Nicole entrance into her home is because she is afraid.

“There is a bit of hesitation, subconscious hesitation, as to why Chloe doesn’t want Nicole to see the child,” points out Bjorlin. “She won’t let Nicole in, because she is afraid. She doesn’t want something to happen. I think there’s that kind of intuition [that Nicole might pull something].”

Chloe knows that Nicole has kidnapped a child before, she kidnapped Sami’s daughter Sydney at a stage too.

“Nicole has it in her. She’s done it before, and she can do it again.”

“And, it turns out, Chloe is proven right. Nicole ends up chloroforming Chloe and taking off with Holly.”

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