WWE News: Former TNA Champ Says Samoa Joe Should Have Big Match At WrestleMania

When Samoa Joe broke onto the scene in WWE, it wasn’t like he was an unknown and fans weren’t the only ones thrilled to see him on Monday Night Raw. Joe has worked with numerous wrestlers across many different promotions over the years and they are happy to see him at the level he’s finally reached. One former enemy in TNA Impact Wrestling and Ring Of Honor thinks that Joe is even in place to have a big-time match at his first WrestleMania.

For more than 20 years, Christopher Daniels has wrestled around the world and been champions in this promotion, that promotion, and countless others. He has won titles in TNA Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and just about everywhere else.

One place, though, that he hasn’t won a title is WWE, and that is because he’s never had much of a run with Vince McMahon’s promotion. For a few years, Daniels worked in WWF/WWE as more of a jobber than anything else, and never much of anywhere. That hasn’t stopped him from being happy for his friend Samoa Joe, though.

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Daniels is currently a member of Ring Of Honor once again and he’s happy with his position in the company, but he still looks around the world at what others are doing. He recently spoke with CBS Sports about a number of topics and one of them is a man he has wrestled many times – Samoa Joe.

“The Fallen Angel” was asked about Joe and if he is surprised that his former TNA colleague Samoa Joe took so long to get to WWE. Not only is he happy for his friend, but he also sees big plans in his immediate future.

“Not so much surprised, I’m just happy that it finally happened. I feel like one of the reasons that it took so long is that they were waiting for the right moment… I’m certainly interested to see where this goes. Coming off the Royal Rumble to go toward WrestleMania, I would think that would mean Joe is in a prime position to have a high-profile match at his first WrestleMania.”

Right now, Samoa Joe doesn’t have a match at WrestleMania 33, but as recently reported by the Inquisitr, rumors are circulating that he may have one at Fastlane next week. With a month to go until the biggest PPV of the year, it is still possible that he will end up with a bout on the card.

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As for Christopher Daniels, he may never have a big-time run in WWE, but he doesn’t seem overly concerned about that. CBS Sports also asked him abut WWE adding more external content to the WWE Network and how that may monopolize wrestling and where he can perform.

Daniels says he isn’t afraid that will happen due to there always being other places to work, but then, he took a bit of a jab at Vince McMahon’s company.

“Kenny Omega, in an interview recently, compared WWE to McDonald’s. It’s a pretty good analogy in the sense that it’s world famous and it’s everywhere and everybody loves to eat McDonald’s. But they can’t eat McDonald’s all the time.”

That was one of the major concerns by wrestling fans when WWE bought WCW so many years ago and ended up dissolving the promotion. Since then, many others have turned up and done well, but they haven’t achieved the level of success that McMahon’s promotion has had.

Christopher Daniels has never had a significant run in WWE and any hardcore wrestling fan will tell you how much of a shame that really is. Still, it isn’t as if he hasn’t been successful in TNA, Ring of Honor, and around the world. Daniels is happy that Samoa Joe has made it in WWE and that he’s already moving his way up the ladder to big-time things and that a high-profile match is already staring him in the face for WrestleMania 33.

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