Innocent ‘For Honor’ Accounts Getting Banned: Faulty Ubisoft Servers Or EAC Bug?

EAC errors and bans are getting handed out to innocent For Honor players—and even to people who don’t own the game yet.

It’s just been short of two weeks since For Honor released on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and countless of players who got their hands on the game are already dropping the title for various reasons.

While For Honor has received its fair share of praise from various reviewers as Polygon, much of the earlier discontent about For Honor started because of the terrible server issues that has plagued For Honor since day one, Gamespressoreports. Connectivity issues were widespread, and servers were constantly lagging and kept disconnecting, which rendered For Honor‘s best ammunition, its multiplayer mode, a complete waste of time and money.

In fact, just a couple of hours ago, a widespread server outage has plagued For Honor players all over the globe, pushing Ubisoft to conduct aggressive investigation and fixes.

But For Honor servers are not only what’s keeping players displeased or completely rid of For Honor.Kotaku writes that there have been various reports of bans and suspensions getting handed out to innocent and oblivious For Honor players. In fact, what’s more alarming is that there are players who have yet to get a copy of For Honor but are already receiving bans via e-mail.

One Reddit member and For Honor player GoGoSpaceMan has been on Hot Topic for the past few days now with the report that he has yet to play his fresh and newly opened For Honor game and he is already banned.

Apparently, he has been getting the error code from EasyAntiCheat 0006000043 every time he started joining a game, so when he got wind of a hotfix coming to For Honor this week, he thought his problems will soon be over and he could finally get to play For Honor. But after the hotfix rolled out, he gets banned.

“I get an email notification on my phone. I then see that I have been ‘permanently suspended’ for ‘cheating’ and ‘use of unauthorized hacking programs.’

“Surely this is just a phishing scam for my account information, I think to myself. But it wasn’t asking me for my info. It wasn’t even asking me to argue my case. It just said ‘We caught you cheating and you’re now totally banned. No proof, no case, nothing. HAHA!’

“I was so livid, you can hopefully imagine. I haven’t even been playing the game for 6 days and I get banned for cheating? I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN PLAYING THE GAME! was about all I could think in my head over and over again.”

A couple more of For Honor players who have experienced the same issues have voiced out their frustrations in reply to his post and like him, have all submitted support tickets to no avail.

What’s more absurd, another Reddit user tmlorfing, who played the For Honor Open Beta, also reports that he has received a For Honor permanent suspension notice even though he does not even own the full game yet.

Ubisoft has yet to give an official statement on the matter but MEricPope, speaking on behalf of Ubisoft, posts on Reddit:

“If you have received a message from Ubisoft saying you’ve been banned from the game, and feel this is in error, absolutely contact Customer Support ( first. Getting a ticket going with them is the first step, because we need basic info before we can do anything to help you. A few of you have also DMed me with similar problems, but I highly suggest for your first step to contact Customer Support.

“Let’s work together to make this tool something both you and we are thankful for. None of us (on the dev team or in the community) wants to deal with cheaters or hackers ruining our game, and none of us wants legit players of our game to be prevented from enjoying it.”

As many Ubisoft patrons (and haters) are aware of, For Honor, like many other AAA games, uses EasyAntiCheat, which is an anti-cheat service that monitors and detects suspicious activities from players. This is why some people speculate that the bans getting handed out to For Honor players, in addition to the countless EAC errors that For Honor players brought to Ubisoft’s attention at the For Honorforum, could be an error at EasyAntiCheat’s end, not Ubisoft’s. But then again, Ubisoft has been notorious for bugs and server errors crawling over their biggest titles, so it’s hard to say.

A creative depiction of Ubisoft punishing oblivious For Honor players [Image by Ubisoft]

For Honor has a tight and very punishing ban policy using the EasyAntiCheat program and Segment Next reports that already 400 players have been hit by the first-offense-ban policy. Game Revolution reports that some For Honor players have been banned for using Xpadder, a program that “maps keyboard keys and mouse button actions to your game controller buttons.” Using such programs as Xpadder, falls under For Honor’s Terms of Use policy that bans the use of “macro computer programs.”

We have reached out to Ubisoft, as did the number of For Honor users who have been handed out the EAC bans, and Ubisoft has yet to give an official statement.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]

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