Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz Beefing Over His Silence On Remy Ma Hookup Claim

Nicki Minaj is apparently taking no prisoners in her escalating feud with fellow rapper Remy Ma.

In the wake of Remy blistering her in her new diss track “Shether,” Minaj eventually took to Twitter to check onetime collaborator Trey Songz over his public reluctance to refute Remy’s lyrical claim that the two of them hooked up while working together.

Even as Songz hinted that he wanted to stay clear of the beef, Nicki posted to Twitter “Wut u SHOULD b saying is that it’ not true, seeing as it’s not. Real n****z do real things. I done gotchu 6 million plaques.”

Minaj’s tweets were later deleted, but clearly not before Songz had a chance to see and internalize them.

“@NICKIMINAJ you need to be mad at Remy Nicki,” he later responded, also taking the time to reflect “even when you stay out of the way they will have ya name all in some s**t.”

Later in the day, Songz returned to social media to add, “just going to give ya’ll my two cents off the rip, now that I’ve got myself together. I got respect for Nicki, me and Nicki done worked together. I’ve got respect for Remy, but no matter what you heard I ain’t never had sex with Nicki. It’s hip-hop. It’s entertainment. I’m a fan of both artists… but it never went down with me and Nicki, so ya’ll can kill that s**t right now.”

Nicki Minaj attends TIDAL X: 1015 in New York City. [Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images].

If only putting an end to Minaj and Remy’s growing war could be that simple.

In her seven-minute lyrical takedown that pays homage to Nas’ 2001 diss classic “Ether,” Remy accuses Minaj of bedding everyone from Songz to Drake to Lil Wayne.

Her assault came after it was widely perceived that Minaj took shots at her in her verse on Gucci Mane’s “Make Love.”

There, Nicki raps “You see, silly rabbit / To be the queen of rap / You gotta sell / You gotta get plaques.”

In time, Remy retorted for all her fame and notoriety, Minaj doesn’t make as much profit as she would have everyone believe.

“You signed a 360 deal through Young Money, through Cash Money, through Republic,” she rapped. “Which means your money goes through five ni**as before you touch it / Any videos, endorsements come out of your budget / Endorsements, tour and merchandise, they finger-f**k it / You make like 35 cents off of each ducket.”

The artwork for the song displays a dismembered Barbie Doll in the image of Nicki

Rapper Remy Ma attends the 2016 Soul Train Music Awards at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images].

“Talking ’bout bringing knives to a fight with guns / When the only shots you ever took was in your buns,” Remy later adds, before going in about her widely publicized split from boyfriend Meek Mill.

The song also insinuates that Nicki uses a ghostwriter for her lyrics and takes jabs at her about her brother, who is set to face trial on charges of raping a 12-year-old girl where if convicted he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

For what it’s worth, Remy also let it be known she’s not sold on the comparisons Nicki makes of herself to Jay-Z.

“Stop comparing yourself to Jay [Z], you’re not like him / You a worker, not a boss like Rem,” she waxes.

Late Saturday, Minaj sought to end all the madness— at least for the day— by posting a pair of Instagram responses where she ridiculed Remy and Fat Joe’s stalled sales for their Plato O Plomo collaboration.

Later she uploaded a video of Beyoncé saluting her as the rap queen as Prince’s classic “Darling Nicki” blared in the background.

[Featured Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images]

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