‘One Piece’ Manga: Marriage Of A Straw Hats Pirate Coming Up, Confirms Publisher

Immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece is full of amazing twists and turns owing to the creative genius behind the series. Now the series’ publisher has hinted that a member of Luffy D. Monkey’s Straw Hats pirates is getting married soon.

Despite successfully running for 20 years, mangaka Eiichiro Oda still manages to surprise fans of his manga, One Piece, with twists and events that are hard to imagine. Fans of the series were recently treated to exciting news about a nuptial that is going to happen during the ongoing Big Mom arc. In other words, someone from the Straw Hats will get married soon. While the news may appear to be a hoax, some of the fans of the series in Japan were personally informed about the news and their reactions were recorded.

Interestingly, the actual marriage might happen sometime in the future, but the publishers have confirmed that one member of Monkey D. Luffy’s crew was engaged. Fans of the manga who regularly follow the exploits of Luffy and other members of the Straw Hats gang will know that Sanji was recently engaged to one of Big Mom’s daughters, Lady Pudding, but those who watch the anime were completely in dark about the events.

To celebrate the upcoming release of One Piece vol. 84, Shueisha, the original Japanese publisher of One Piece manga, sent some of its representatives to greet the series’ fans on the streets of Japan. The representatives were asked to record reactions of pedestrians as they were informed that someone from Luffy’s gang was engaged and there could be a wedding soon. Comic Book reported some of the responses offered by the pedestrians.

Quite a few of the pedestrians simply assumed that it was Luffy D. Monkey, the captain of the Straw Hats pirates, who is getting married. However, there were quite few who had varied assumptions about multiple characters that have appeared in One Piece manga over the years. From Robin, who is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, to Vivi, the princess of Alabasta. Similar to the leading male characters, many people guessed one of the leading female characters was getting married.

[Warning: One Piece manga spoilers ahead.]

The announcement about the impending nuptials is interesting because One Piece manga’s story did involve a wedding. However, the engagement wasn’t a glamorous affair for the soon-to-be bride and groom. Judge Vinsmoke had dangled Sanji Vinsmoke, his only son with compassion and kindness as bait to Charlotte Linlin, thinking the two clans uniting would make the Germa 66 even more powerful. Moreover, Charlotte Pudding, Big Mom’s sweet and innocent looking daughter had managed to win Sanji’s heart with her impassioned talk.

However, Sanji’s wedding has been confirmed to be a mere ruse, orchestrated by Lady Pudding and Big Mom to ensure the Germa 66 army is brought to the Whole Cake Island. According to the Yonko, the easiest way to gain access to the “clonable army” and the “technology and science” behind the genetic enhancement within the soldiers, was to offer her daughter as bride to one of the four Vinsmoke brothers.

Pudding revealed her evil intentions and even teased her plans to assassinate Sanji’s entire family at their wedding. Fortunately, Sanji quietly listened to the entire one-sided conversation, and is aware of the imminent danger that awaits him and his family. Hence it is unlikely that Black Leg will still go through the nuptials.

Nonetheless, Shueisha has confirmed a marriage is in the offing. Hence it isn’t immediately clear which Straw Hats member will be married in the coming weeks.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]

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