Brad Pitt Furious Over Angelina Jolie Custody Interview: Claims She’s No Victim

Brad Pitt is said to be furious over the fact that his soon-to-be-ex-wife has spoken out about their divorce to the media in a way that would give fans the impression she’s the victim in the situation.

As previously reported, Jolie filed for divorce back in September, with sources at the time having claimed that Angelina was deeply concerned about her husband’s parenting skills, allegedly recalling an incident between Brad and Maddox that turned physical on a private jet.

Right after Brad reportedly found himself in an altercation with his son, something “deeply disturbing” transpired that left Angelina Jolie with no other choice but to file for divorce from the A-list actor, who the 41-year-old has not seen in well over four months, it’s been alleged.

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Of course, Brad Pitt has denied all of the claims that have surfaced in the press since the divorce filing, even going as far as to insinuate that Angelina Jolie was purposely trying to portray him out to be a bad father through her smear campaign, with Pitt’s team adding that Brad cares about his children more than anything in the world. He would never hurt them.

In recent interviews, Angelina’s first since her divorce filing, sources say that Brad almost felt as if Jolie is trying to backtrack what her team had initially said about the 53-year-old. He’s strongly under the impression that Angelina is taking a new approach to victimize herself in the situation, supposedly knowing very well that she caused the nasty divorce battle all by herself.

“Brad Pitt was disappointed by Angelina’s tearful interview,” a source tells Hollywood Life, recalling the moment when Jolie started to cry while discussing her divorce. “He doesn’t see her as the victim in this whole drama. All Brad wants to do right now is get the divorce finalized and hash out a suitable custody agreement that gives him fair access to his kids.”

When asked how she’s managed to cope dealing with the stress of a divorce while raising six children, according to People, Angelina Jolie explained, “It was very difficult. Many people find themselves in this situation. My whole family has all been through a difficult time.”

It should be noted that Angelina is reportedly hoping to be granted full custody, having previously claimed that Brad’s alleged drinking and substance abuse problem is not something the children should be exposed to.

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Whether or not Jolie’s claims regarding Pitt’s supposed battle with alcohol and drugs was never confirmed or denied, but according to insiders, Angelina has nitpicked at almost anything in order to assure herself that when she heads to court with the custody case, she has a chance to actually win full custodial rights of all six children.

Just last week, it had also been reported that Angelina Jolie’s concerns regarding Brad Pitt’s parenting skills were certainly not the only thing that was worrying her.

The Salt actress is said to have accused her soon-to-be ex-husband of cheating on her with other women — an allegation that Pitt denied throughout the final months of his marriage to Angelina, who refused to believe that Brad could be telling the truth.

It seems apparent at this point that Angelina Jolie does not plan to share a relationship with Brad in the future. While the actress will have to stay cordial with Pitt for the sake of their children, there’s nothing that is keeping her from wanting to stay in touch with Brad — especially with all that’s transpired in recent months.

Do you think Angelina Jolie stands a chance to win full custody of all six children, or are you siding with Brad Pitt?

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