Beyonce Pregnancy: Morning Sickness, Headaches Putting Twin Delivery At Risk?

Beyonce is having a miserable time being pregnant with twins, having experienced nothing but headaches, morning sickness, and back pain, it has been claimed.

The singer, who announced her pregnancy on February 1, noted on her Instagram page that she would be welcoming two babies into the world, and while she is beyond ecstatic by the thought of becoming a mother-of-three, Beyonce isn’t feeling her best right now.

According to Hollywood Life, her pregnancy with twins is completely different than to when she was carrying Blue Ivy in 2011, where she barely experienced any sort of morning sickness and dizziness.

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Of course, now that Beyonce is carrying two babies, she underestimated how much energy it would take out of her, leaving her feeling tired on many given days of the week — something which sources say she definitely hadn’t prepared herself for.

“Bey has been hit really badly with bouts of morning sickness, which she hardly suffered last time,” an insider shared. “And, it doesn’t just occur in the morning, she’s suddenly slammed with these overwhelming feelings of dizziness and sickness at totally random times throughout the day too.”

Beyonce is firmly hoping that the morning sickness she’s currently experiencing, along with headaches and back pain, will eventually go away since she’s still hoping to enjoy her much-needed vacation now that she’s announced her hiatus from the music industry.

It’s being alleged that Beyonce will still walk away with her $1 million performance whether she performs or not, but being the professional that she is, the 36-year-old is determined to show up and give her fans one last glance at her baby bump before she’s expected to pop a couple of months after.

It’s already been revealed that Beyonce is planning to take a year off from the music industry to focus her time on being a mother to her three children.

Having grossed over $240 million with her “Formation World Tour” in 2016, releasing a successful album titled Lemonade — which sold more than 2 million copies — and debuting her highly praised Ivy Park sportswear line, Beyonce is eager to do nothing but spend quality time with her family once her babies are born.

Regarding her current pregnancy struggle, a source continues to tell Hollywood Life, “She says her body aches like crazy, all over at times. She’s kinda nervous about how much worse the symptoms might get as time goes on, but Jay Z’s being crazy supportive, and totally there for her.”

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As mentioned, Jay Z is said to be helping his wife out in any way that he can, reportedly doing the grocery shopping by himself and providing Beyonce with anything that she could possibly be craving for in the hopes of making the pregnancy a little less stressful on her.

Jay Z is just as excited about the babies as Beyonce, having wanted to expand his family ever since they welcomed Blue Ivy into the world. So, the least that he can do for his wife right now is make sure that she has everything she needs at all times, knowing that Beyonce is feeling out of her comfort zone with the symptoms she’s experienced.

“He has been showering his pregnant wife with gifts, flowers, her favorite chocolates, and even rubbing her feet every night,” the source went on to say “Jay has made sure that every craving Beyonce has is met and lately that has been a lot of southern comfort food!”

Beyonce is expected to birth her twins over the summer, according to Pop Sugar. It’s said that the “Sorry” singer is still trying to come up with names for her children, but it’s already being predicted by fans that whatever she decides to name her kids, it won’t be anything ordinary. Are you excited for the couple?

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