WWE News: Sasha Banks Turning Heel On ‘Raw,’ To Face Bayley At ‘Wrestlemania 33’

There has been a lot of speculation about Sasha Banks turning heel in the near future to reignite the rivalry with Bayley, but her heel turn could be happening much sooner than the WWE Universe thought. The Boss has been playing the role as Bayley’s best friend over the past few weeks as the latter feuds with Charlotte over the Raw Women’s Championship. At WWE FastLane on Sunday, Charlotte will receive her rematch against Bayley.

The expectation is Charlotte will reclaim the Raw Women’s Title from Bayley in order to keep her winning streak heading into Wrestlemania 33. It’s been rumored that WWE officials are planning a huge Fatal Four Way for the grandest stage of them all between Bayley, Charlotte, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks. The match would have the four biggest female superstars to battle for the title to determine the best woman on Raw.

It’s been reported that WWE officials are planning Sasha Banks vs. Bayley for the Raw Women’s Title after Wrestlemania. The creative plans seemed to be that The Boss would turn heel over the summer, and their feud would culminate at WWE Summerslam. However, it’s now being reported those plans have changed.

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Two weeks ago, Bayley defeated Charlotte on Monday Night Raw to become the Raw Women’s Champion for the first time in her career. It was a career-making moment for Bayley with the WWE Universe, but the title win gave WWE officials a huge opportunity to push forward with Sasha Banks’ heel turn now and set up Banks vs. Bayley for Wrestlemania 33. In fact, that may be the reason why WWE gave Bayley the title early.

Originally, WWE officials weren’t planning for Bayley to win the Raw Women’s Title until Wrestlemania. A Fatal Four Way in Orlando seems to be the best option, but WWE officials may have undergone a change of heart. That means Bayley could break Charlotte’s undefeated streak on WWE PPVs at WWE FastLane this Sunday. If that’s the case, WWE officials may have other plans for Charlotte, and The Boss vs. Bayley is a go.

If The Boss is going to turn heel over the next week, the most obvious spot for her to do so would be at WWE FastLane during the Bayley vs. Charlotte title match. From there, Bayley would have to overcome the three top heels in the Raw women’s division at Wrestlemania to win the title if WWE still goes with the Fatal Four Way. However, WWE officials don’t always like to wait for the PPV. WWE may be planning for Sasha Banks to turn heel on Raw this week.

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WWE has done a great job of developing the friendship between Bayley and Sasha on WWE television since the former was called up to the main roster. The WWE Universe knows their history from NXT, and they’ve seen their friendship on Raw over the past several weeks. If Sasha Banks turns on Bayley during this week’s edition of Raw before WWE FastLane, she will become one of the biggest heels in WWE immediately.

It wouldn’t be a huge shock to the WWE Universe because Sasha’s heel turn has been rumored and looming for weeks now. It’s been reported that The Boss is expected to undergo some major character changes this year. Sasha Banks turning heel, changing her attitude, and becoming The Boss again would be great for the Raw brand after Wrestlemania, especially with Bayley as the top babyface and her foil on WWE television.

A heel turn is inevitable for Sasha Banks. The question has always been when will WWE pull the trigger on her betrayal. WWE will have to replace The Boss’ position as a top babyface on Raw, but that can be worked out after Wrestlemania. For now, this week’s edition of Raw could be a game changer for the Raw women’s division heading into Orlando for the grandest stage of them all.

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