‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 80 Review: Omni-King’s Cruel Plan Revealed

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 revealed the cruel truth behind the Tournament of Power. As it turned out, Goku’s proposal of a multiverse tournament to the Omni-King was simply a convenient excuse for the God of Everything to wipe out universes that were performing below his standards. With this in mind, it appears that Universe 7 was actually given a fighting chance by participating in the grand tournament.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 was a very entertaining episode. Gohan and Lavenda’s fight, for one, definitely did not disappoint, as noted by DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship. The battle between the second representatives of Universe 9 and Universe 7 was pretty intense, with Lavenda giving Goku’s firstborn son his first real fight since Dragon Ball Super began. With his back up against the wall and with his eyesight completely gone, Gohan had to dig really deep in order to beat his cruel opponent.

The result of Gohan’s battle with Lavenda has been singled out by avid fans of the series, mainly due to the fight’s rather unfair conclusion. Despite going Super Saiyan, impressing Universe 11’s Toppo and beating his opponent definitively, Gohan ended up passing out due to the effects of Lavenda’s poison. Thus, the second round of the Omni-Present Match between U7 and U9 was declared by the Grand Priest to be a draw.

While most of the episode was dedicated to the battle between Gohan and Lavenda, the real bombshell in Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 was the Grand Priest’s revelation that came after. With the second round of the Omni-Present Match over, the father of the angels in the DBS multiverse officially announced the stakes in the upcoming Tournament of Power. While the initial premise of the multiverse tournament is already pretty unforgiving, the truth behind the Omni-King’s decision to hold the competition was a lot more Machiavellian.

The Grand Priest revealed that the 12 Dragon Ball Super universes are ranked according to the quality of the mortals living there. As the Omni-King has already been thinking that there are simply too many universes in existence, the Tournament of Power was a convenient way to eliminate the worlds where the quality of mortals was extremely low. Currently, the bottom two universes are U9 and U7, with rated scores of 1.86 and 3.18, respectively.

Thus, while Goku’s proposal to hold an all-encompassing tournament that could result in genocide could be considered as a careless move, the fact that Universe 7 was already slated to be destroyed due to the overall quality of its mortals means that the powerful Z fighter actually gave his universe a fighting chance. Unfortunately for Universe 9, its lowest mortal rating probably means that it would be destroyed within the next few episodes.

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The overall rank of the 12 Dragon Ball Super universes have not been revealed, but the Grand Priest did state that Universes 1, 12, 5, and 8 would be exempted from the Tournament of Power due to the high quality of their mortals. According to the Grand Priest, U1, U12, U5, and U8 have ratings that are all north of 7.00. Despite these stipulations, however, it remains unknown if fighters from these four universes would still make an appearance in the Universe Survival Arc.

With these announcements in mind, it appears that the Tournament of Power is, as ironically as it sounds, one of the most justifiable ways for the Omni-King to decide which universe would survive. While the premise behind the tournament itself is distinctly Darwinian, the fact that fighters from lower-tier universes that are set to be destroyed could spare their world if they impress the Omni-King is a very prominent silver lining. In the biggest irony in Dragon Ball history, the most unforgiving tournament also turned out to be the most humane.


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