‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Why Andi Dorfman Confronts A Confused Nick Viall

The Bachelor is beginning to wind down as Nick gets ready to take three of the women to Finland for fantasy suite dates. Of course what would The Bachelor be without a few surprises to throw off fans and the lead? The end of last week’s episode left fans with a bit of a cliffhanger as former Bachelorette and Nick’s first franchise heartbreak, Andi Dorfman, shocked him by appearing at his hotel room door in New York City. Spoilers are surfacing for fans who can’t wait to see exactly what Andi’s intentions are with Nick.

E! News shared details about Andi’s visit to see Nick prior to the rose ceremony after hometown dates. Last Monday’s episode left many fans with their jaws hitting the floor as Nick opened the door to see Dorfman and all she said was, “Hello Nick.” So what does Andi’s visit to Nick mean?

Many may be thinking or hoping that there is a chance of a Nick and Andi reunion, but unfortunately it does not appear that is why Dorfman is visiting Viall. A source is speaking out and saying Andi is there to confront Nick about him calling her out on her season’s After the Final Rose, and to also offer up some advice.

According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Dorfman wastes no time getting to why she has decided to stop in and surprise Nick. Dorfman confronts Nick about admitting to the world on live television that the two had sex on their fantasy suite date. Andi says to Nick, “Do you look back, and you’re like, ‘Damn, I shouldn’t have said, ‘Why would you make love with me if you weren’t in love with me?'”

Viall lets Dorfman know how awkward the situation is. Nick says, “This is blowing my mind. I mean, last time you knocked down my door, you broke up with me.” Andi agrees with him and Nick reiterates how she dumped him on national television. Andi agrees, but she reminds him that now he is doing the same to 29 women. Nick goes a step further to say, “I know, maybe 30.” Is Viall really considering going home alone when it comes time for the final rose ceremony?

With all that said, does Andi regret leaving Viall for Josh Murray at the end of her season? Probably not, but there is one person who thinks Dorfman should have ended up with Viall in the end, none other than Josh Murray. Fans know Murray was the one Andi chose over Nick, but their engagement ended within eight months. Andi even wrote a tell-all book about her time with both Josh and Nick. While Nick admits the majority of the information about him in the book is fact, Murray has yet to admit there is any truth to what Dorfman has written about him and their relationship.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Murray who shared that he thinks Nick and Andi are perfect for each other.

“I think they’re perfect for each other, to be honest. Knowing both of the people and who they are, they should have ended up together.”

After the things Andi has said about Josh in her book, fans can imagine exactly what he meant when he said he knows who they are. Murray went on to say he has no intentions of ever seeing or speaking to Andi again.

When Josh was asked how he thinks Nick’s season will play out he said the following.

“I’m very pessimistic when it comes to what I feel like the intentions are at the end. I feel like I know Nick pretty well, and I wish the girls luck for sure.” It doesn’t look like Murray has a lot of confidence in Viall’s intentions at all.

Don’t miss The Bachelor on Monday night to see exactly what Andi and Nick discuss and what advice she has to offer him. Nick and his final three will also be packing up and heading to Finland. The season finale of The Bachelor is scheduled to air on March 13 on ABC.

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