‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Changes Are Coming With New Writer On Board

One month ago, there was fear that Days of Our Lives was actually going to be cancelled thanks to Megyn Kelly, but it has survived, was renewed, and is going to undergo some changes. That’s right, the long-running soap opera is going to be around for Season 52, but will it be the same? There is a new head writer in town by the name of Ron Carlivati, and he is going to be bringing in some changes that may shock the fans.

Just this past week, The Hollywood Reporter let the world know that Days of Our Lives was indeed renewed for a 52nd season. After recently airing episode number 13,000, it is obvious that something is working and fans are going to keep on watching the series that started way back in 1965.

Over the years, there have been many changes, from cast members, to storylines, to production, to locations, and much more. As the series prepares to keep its second half of a century going, there are going to be even more changes coming to the series that fans casually refer to as DOOL.

But, will they be good or bad?

Fans have had a lot of complaints in the past year or two, and the majority of them are due to the storylines and theme of the show. Days of Our Lives has really taken a bit of a darker tone and it hasn’t really set in well with the hardcore viewers who are used to it being a tad more lighthearted.

DOOL executive producer Ken Corday recently spoke with Soap Opera Digest about the addition of new head writer Ron Carlivati and said that fans will be fine with what is coming their way. As a matter of fact, they’re going to be happy with the fact that Carlivati will “bring to the show things that the show hasn’t had for quite a while.”

“What he said to me is that he wants the show to make to make you laugh again and he wants the show to make you cry again and he wants the show to make you yearn for certain couples again as opposed to, ‘Why are they doing this? Why are they doing that?'”

While there is still going to be some time until Carlivati’s changes come into place, fans need to know they are indeed going to happen. Changes can’t happen overnight or it would completely take away from the real-life aspect of Days of Our Lives.

Corday continued on to say that there are also going to be a number of characters and couples receiving the attention they fully deserve. For instance, Chad and Abby have brought about a huge amount of popularity and the fans are rooting for them to make it as long as humanly possible and survive together at all costs.

The Days of Our Lives executive producer said they still need to get past a number of things standing in their way, “but they’re the end game.”

The darker tones of the soap opera are what have turned a lot of fans off, but that isn’t what Corday and Ron Carlivati want to continue. They are now looking to bring about romance, some chuckles, and an “Oh, My God” at the end of every single week.

Days of Our Lives is one of those shows that just seems like it is going to be around long after many of us are gone. It has survived so many near-cancellations that it just seems stupid to take it off the air now, and that is not what NBC has in mind. Ken Corday does have other things in mind, though, and that is the reason Ron Carlivati became the new head writer. Changes are coming to the popular soap opera, and that may not be a bad thing.

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