WWE News: Eric Bischoff Expected To Induct DDP Into WWE Hall Of Fame In Orlando

Diamond Dallas Page will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year in Orlando, but a controversial name could be the one to introduce DDP to the WWE Universe during the ceremony. There is no question that he deserves the honor, especially after seeing his accomplishments as an in-ring performer alone.

During his wrestling career, DDP wrestled for WCW and WWE. He won the United States Champion twice, the WCW World Tag Team Titles four times, and was a three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. He had many big moments in wrestling and was a top star for the WCW during the height of its run during the Attitude Era. The Diamond Cutter is also considered to be one of the best finishing moves in WWE history.

Naturally, Diamond Dallas Page was at a loss for words when the phone call finally came from WWE telling him that they would like to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. It was rumored that DDP would receive the honor of an induction before it was confirmed by the powers that be. It’s official, and the WWE Universe is thrilled to help celebrate his career in Orlando, but DDP’s inductor must be chosen for the ceremony.

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Diamond’s influence on wrestling didn’t stop when he hung up his boots. DDP Yoga has become a staple of many WWE Superstars’ workout routines, including AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, and many others. In fact, the program has been really important in helping other WWE legends reach a much better quality of life in their lives after wrestling. For instance, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Scott Hall, and others owe a lot to DDP Yoga.

After seeing DDP’s contributions to the business inside the ring and out, his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is well deserved. The expectation was that whenever he was inducted, Hall, Roberts, or another former WWE Superstar would be the one to introduce him during the ceremony. However, a new name has emerged as the top choice. Jim Ross mentioned him a while back claiming it may be a “nice story” for DDP.

According to a new report, Eric Bischoff has emerged as the top choice to induct Diamond Dallas Page into the WWE Hall of Fame this year in Orlando. In recent years, Bischoff has been reluctant to work with WWE again for a number of reasons. He’s denied returning for a general manager role on WWE television, but he has done some work on the WWE Network and could do a “Stone Cold Podcast” interview at some point.

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Bischoff still keeps a watchful eye on the WWE product, but the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony wouldn’t be about him and his future in wrestling. The evening would be about Diamond Dallas Page. In that case, Eric Bischoff may be the best man for the job, especially since DDP is asking for him to induct him. It would be a tough honor to turn down considering their friendship and history together in wrestling over several years.

The WWE Universe would be interested to see Eric Bischoff induct DDP into the WWE Hall of Fame. Eric is guaranteed to have some funny stories together, and an introduction from him would be a great thing to see because of DDP’s contributions and importance to WCW that were underappreciated until more recently.

It’s a testament to the wrestling career that Diamond Dallas Page had that he’s been influential in so many lives. However, it’s also a testament to the quality of person that Page Joseph Falkinburg has always been in his life. The WWE Hall of Fame induction is owed. With Eric Bischoff by his side, it should be a great night.

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