Marijuana Industry Outraged By White House

The marijuana industry is currently outraged by the White House and President Donald Trump. Curious as to why? Keep reading to find out.

Those who think they are safe consuming recreational marijuana because they live in a state where it is legal better think again as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer revealed expectations to increase the enforcement of federal laws prohibiting recreational pot. The biggest problem with the announcement White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made is the fact that he expects federal laws to be forced even in states where recreational marijuana is currently legal.

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In addition to the District of Columbia, there are currently eight different states in the U.S. that have currently legalized the use of recreational marijuana. These states include Maine, Nevada, California, and Massachusetts – which just joined the list this past November. Per Bloomberg, this means one out of every five adults in the U.S. can legally consume marijuana under state law. Furthermore, more than 50 percent of the United States has legalized medical marijuana as well – this is despite the fact that federal laws prohibit the sales of marijuana.

The marijuana industry is estimated to be worth roughly $6 billion dollars and it is expected to exceed $50 billion by 2026.

Derek Peterson – the chief executive officer of marijuana cultivator Terra Tech Corp. described the news as “disappointing.”

“We have hoped and still hope that the federal government will respect states’ rights in the same manner they have on several other issues.”

During the statements Spicer made, he did make an effort to distinguish the difference between medical and recreational cannabis.

“There’s still a federal law that we need to abide by when it comes to recreational marijuana and other drugs of that nature.”

The statements Spicer made just revived the original concerns the marijuana industry had when taking a look at the short list of attorney general nominees President Donald Trump was considering. Former U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama – the final selection – has always been opposed to the use of marijuana. Sessions believed that if Congress felt marijuana shouldn’t be legal anymore – they should pass a law to change it.

Trump targets marijuana legalization [Image by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]

Naturally, it didn’t take long for people to take to social media to express their disapproval of the White House’s stance on marijuana legislation. Among those who have spoken out about the issue includes Bernie Sanders. Bernie claimed, “No rational person really believes marijuana should be a Schedule 1 drug.”

A father in Texas shared videos of his daughter who suffers from autism and cerebral palsy on Twitter. Medical marijuana is the only treatment that helps his daughter. Unfortunately, medical marijuana isn’t currently legal in Texas and the White House enforcing federal laws against marijuana isn’t going to make things easier for this father. Should he go to jail for providing his daughter with a treatment that makes her life easier? While the video is a little heartbreaking, it can be watched below.

In states where recreational marijuana is currently legal, such as California, officials are ready to fight against enforcing federal laws against marijuana as it steps on the state’s and voters’ rights.

One Twitter user claimed the only downside to consuming marijuana is that “you have less marijuana” afterwards.

Some Twitter users have pointed out the irony of transgender bathrooms and abortions being a “state issue,” but marijuana use is a “federal issue.” Other users have pointed out the fact that the marijuana industry is booming and the federal government needs to “stay out of it.”

Even Trump supporters are regretting voting for Trump after the decision to enforce federal marijuana laws was revealed.

Will the marijuana industry and community be able to reason with Donald Trump and his administration or is the industry going to take a hit while he is POTUS? Did you find yourself outraged to learn about this? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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