Ethan Hawke And Scarlett Johansson Both Believe Monogamy Isn’t ‘Natural’

Ethan Hawke and Scarlett Johansson have both expressed their opinion that the human race wasn’t designed to be monogamous. While people still cannot believe Johansson actually came out and said she doesn’t believe monogamy is “natural,” she’s not the only one in Hollywood who opposes monogamy, according to E! News.

While Johansson’s comments in her interview with Playboy made headlines earlier last week, Ethan Hawke also doesn’t think cheating is a big deal. While the 32-year-old Ghost in the Shell actress admits that the idea of marriage is “very romantic” and “beautiful,” she doesn’t believe it’s “natural” to be a monogamous person.

“I might be skewered for that, but I think it’s work. It’s a lot of work, and the fact that it is such work for so many people — for everyone — the fact of that proves that it is not a natural thing.”

While Johansson’s comments have already raised eyebrows, there are actually quite a few celebs who openly share her sentiments about monogamy. That list of celebs includes Ethan Hawke, Shailene Woodley, and even married couple Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Johansson’s comments come just two weeks following her split from her second husband of two years, Romain Dauriac. The two share a daughter Rose, who was born in 2014.

Johansson was previously married to Ryan Reynolds for three years, which may be another reason why Johansson is a bit down on love, seeing all those pics and tweets about Reynolds’ current happy marriage with Blake Lively, who delivered his two kids into this world.

While Johansson admitted that she has “a lot of respect for” monogamy and she has participated in it, many social media users noted that infidelity could be the reason for her split from Dauriac, which explains her sudden comments shortly after the split.

In Ethan Hawke’s case, it’s even more complicated than that. At the time of making the controversial comments about “our species is not monogamous” in 2013, Hawke was five years into his marriage to Ryan Shawhughes.

The two have been married for almost a decade now, nine years. This is Ethan Hawke’s second marriage, as the actor was married to actress Uma Thurman for seven years in the late 90s through mid-2000s. Hawke and Thurman share two kids together.

But Ethan Hawke’s comments make more sense considering the fact that Shawhughes was his and Thurman’s nanny during their marriage, and the actor was rumored to have had an affair with her prior to the collapse of his marriage with Thurman in 2005.

Speaking to Mr. Porter magazine in 2013, Ethan Hawke defended extramarital affairs and said sexual fidelity can’t be the “whole thing you hang your relationship on.” The actor argued that people have “a childish view” of monogamy, fidelity, and affairs.

“‘He’s cheated so he’s bad, she’s cheated so she’s bad,’ as opposed to a recognition that our species is not monogamous.”

Ethan Hawke also went as far as comparing being “rocked” because your partner cheated on you to being “rocked that your hair went gray.” He also praised his current wife, with whom he shares two kids, in that interview, saying that their relationship is “thrilling” and that he’s “committed to it.”

While the debate on whether humans are monogamous or polygamous rages on, Ethan Hawke is focused on getting a star-studded cast for his drama Blaze, according to Deadline. Sam Rockwell and Steve Zahn recently joined the actor-turned-director’s film, in which he co-stars, produced, directed and even co-wrote.

Blaze, based on Sybil Rosen’s memoir Living In The Woods In A Tree, will be Ethan Hawke’s first major directorial project, as he has previously directed low-budget films with a mediocre cast. This time, however, the cast already boasts such stars as Richard Linklater, Alia Shawkat, Ben Dickey, and others.

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