Natalie Dormer Pleased That Fan Favorite Margaery Tyrell ‘Went Out With A Bang’

Game of Thrones fans loved the cunning yet endearing Margaery Tyrell which left many shocked when she met a fiery death, but Natalie Dormer had long anticipated her character’s exit from the show.

In the finale of Game of Thrones Season 6, Cersei Lannister orchestrated an explosion using leftover Wildfire from the Mad King’s reign because she refused to attend the trial for her various crimes. She did not only end the High Sparrow’s supremacy, but also killed her daughter-in-law.

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Fans thought Margaery will contribute more to the upcoming episodes but in the Game of Thrones universe, no one is really safe. In an interview with Mashable, the 35-year-old actress revealed that being a cast member of the famous HBO series equates to “always half anticipating that phone call.” She describes it as the “occupational hazard” of being a cast member.

Despite Margaery’s seemingly early demise, Natalie is pleased that “she went out with a bang.” She worked for the series for four years and despite gaining fans for her role, she never engaged in delusions that her character was untouchable. She admires Game of Thrones for being unafraid of taking away the audience’s favorite characters.

In her conversation last year with Harper’s Bazaar, Natalie talked about enjoying her final season although she joked that people “will be sad to see the Tyrells unjustly blown to smithereens.”

“I knew when I started shooting Season 6 that it would be my last. It was lovely because it informed the whole way I enjoyed the season. I enjoyed being with the crew and the other cast members because I was aware that it was going to be my last year with the family.”

She knows the significance of being mindful about one’s finances especially for someone who works in an ever-changing industry. In a previous interview with Independent, Natalie recalled committing the mistake of depending on a movie deal which was supposed to yield three films. However, when the original plan fell through, she ended up being unemployed for ten months.

While the experience left her “temping in an office” in order to pay for Christmas gifts, it similarly taught her a valuable lesson. “That was the best lesson I’ve ever learnt: you’re never home and dry,” she said.

What happened prepared her for the eventuality of Margaery dying in the series. She still felt sad that she would no longer see her fellow cast members on a “day-to-day” basis. When the cast found out about her character’s fate, she remembered “there were a lot of long looks and hugs and ‘we’ll miss yous'” on the set.

Natalie is one of Hollywood’s known advocates for gender equality. She spoke during the 2016 World Humanitarian Day at the United Nations about the unjust working setups faced by many women across the globe. She encouraged people to stop pointing fingers and instead assume a more active role that will actually contribute to the cause.

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In 2014, she similarly drew attention to violence committed against girls. She posed for the Because I Am A Girl campaign which aspires to help millions of girls living in the world’s poorest communities where child marriage and female genital mutilation are rampant. Her Game of Thrones co-star Lena Headey also joined the campaign.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones is preparing for the release of its penultimate season. For the first time since its pilot season, the fantasy show will have a delayed premiere because the producers wanted to have the grimmest backdrops for the winter scenes.

Certain cast members are reportedly stationed in Iceland where they have been filming amid “100 mph winds and a minus 25 celsius wind chill.”

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