WWE News: WWE Teases Five Huge Brand Trades – Brock Lesnar For John Cena

Last summer, WWE brought back the brand extension and split the roster between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, but that has been about all as far as movement. Sure, one superstar switched brands and a few new additions have come about, but there have been no trades or anything like that. With rumors swirling that roster moves will be made after WrestleMania 33, Well, the wrestling giant is teasing five huge trades they would like to see happen.

Yes, the editors of the official website for WWE really do want to see some monster trades, and one of them would truly change the scope of both brands. Can you honestly imagine if John Cena was traded to Monday Night Raw while Brock Lesnar would go to SmackDown Live?

While these five trades are nothing more than what they would like to see, it does pose some interesting thoughts and questions. Can you imagine Brock Lesnar locking up with the likes of Bray Wyatt, AJ Styles, and Baron Corbin on Tuesday night?

On an interesting note, though, the editors do give reasons why both brands should make each trade and their reasoning for Raw trading for Cena is intriguing. They mention that he is going after a 17th World Championship and “the prospect of that happening on a Raw-branded event is too good to pass up.”

Does that mean it wouldn’t mean as much on a SmackDown event? Weird choice of words for that trade.

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Another trade they would like to see would move American Alpha, the current champions on SmackDown, to Raw and send The New Day to Tuesday nights. Once again, there is some interesting reasoning used as to why the trade should happen.

The editors feel SmackDown should make the trade because The New Day would be welcomed as “a trio who redefined tag team competition to lead a division of upcoming squads like The Ascension and The Vaudevillains.”

Guess there are some teams that need a bit of guidance from a tag team who know how to be successful.

Three other trades were mentioned and they are:

  • Sami Zayn to SmackDown in exchange for Luke Harper to Raw
  • Chris Jericho to SmackDown in exchange for Dean Ambrose to Raw
  • Seth Rollins to SmackDown in exchange for The Miz & Maryse to Raw

Making these moves would certainly shake things up, but they would also make for some new storylines and keeping old ones from materializing.

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Moving Luke Harper to Mondays would mean taking him away from Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan which would put any chance of a Wyatt Family reunion out of the question. Still, he’s doing just fine on his own and will succeed wherever he is wrestling.

The other moves also keep another reunion from happening and that is The Shield. Fans have hoped for the longest time that they will come back together, but being on different brands has put a huge obstacle in their way.

If Dean Ambrose would be moved to Raw, all three former members of The Shield would be in one place. That would be until Seth Rollins was traded away as editors would like to see.

WrestleMania 33 needs to arrive and pass by before any big roster moves or trades are going to happen because WWE doesn’t want to mess with things as they are now. Once that huge pay-per-view is over, it is very likely that the trades will start taking place and shaking up things a bit. Now, if huge moves such as The New Day for American Alpha or John Cena for Brock Lesnar end up taking place is another story, but anything is possible.

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