Lee Min-ho, Suzy Bae To Work Together In ‘The Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Season 2?

The finale of The Legend of the Blue Sea may have come out and aired last January but it seems that even a month later, fans of this widely popular k-drama series are still not over it and are naturally wanting more. Because of this, there is a lot of hope and anticipation riding in the formal confirmation of the TV series’ sequel. The first season had starred Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun, a conman and a mermaid who fall in love with each other across different lifetimes. But will the producers try something different and closer to real life, like casting Min-ho’s real life girlfriend Suzy Bae, to play opposite him?

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Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 Casting Rumors

According to Enstars, there are rumors that popular Korean couple Lee Min-ho and miss A singer Suzy Bae might work together for the possible Season 2 of Legend of the Blue Sea. They make headlines all over the world because of their romantic relationship, which they first admitted to in 2015. Since then, on and off rumors of the status of their relationship have not ceased, with some even saying that wedding bells are soon to be heard. With all this speculation, could it be possible that they’d work together for this upcoming project and make use of their chemistry onscreen?

SBS has not yet released any confirmation or information about a possible sequel for Legend of the Blue, or even any casting news that would indicate a Lee Min-ho and Suzy Bae tandem. Rumors from International Business Times indicate that the storyline for Season 2 might focus more on the next generation. Since the first season ended with Min-ho and Ji-hyun’s characters Heo Joon-jae and Shim Cheong teasing the audience with a possible baby on the way for them, season 2 could feature a time jump, moving the storyline further to reveal the future of their children.

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But how would a possible Suzy Bae star in this? The theory from International Business Times is that if the real life couple would star in the series, it might mean that Bae becomes a new love interest, with Jun Ji-hyun’s character possibly passing away, a speculation provided by fans. While this is all unconfirmed, this is a set up that is highly unlikely to happen, unless the production team really wanted to change things up for the series. Although the Uncontrollably Fond actress and singer has starred in a few K-drama series, she has yet to actually work and team up with Min-ho, so it is an untested onscreen partnership that the show might not want to bank on.

Lee Min-ho and Suzy Bae Wedding

Meanwhile, the actual and official status of Min-ho and Bae’s relationship is constantly being reported on, with fans often wondering how the two started going out, as they aren’t really much seen in public and haven’t actually worked together. They both lead busy lives but there are stories that say that Min-ho was persistent in meeting and pursuing her.

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Currently, there are also rumors of an impending wedding that might happen soon, but it’s hard to tell between the two, as they are both secretive and don’t go out much in the public eye. While there are rumors of their wedding, it’s balanced with news of the wedding being held off or canceled, coming from Bae’s recounting in her reality show of a fortuneteller who had told her that she’d get married at 31. She’s 22 right now, so the marrying age seems very far off.

As for Lee Min-ho, he is reported to be enlisting for military service. But thankfully for fans, he might only be in as a public service officer and will not be part of active duty due to a previous leg injury.

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